The People You Meet at Winam (Street)

All people of a certain age remember Cheers!,  and the moment Norm walked in everyone called Norm!

That’s kind of how it feels when I go to Winam (Street) Studio.

I started going there when I found Hillary Juliette on yelp and found a woman who had hair like mine and I liked her cut.

A year and give or take a few months later, I’ve met some interesting people.

Today I met Dr. Chocolate.  An interesting guy who consults in cacao bean farming – which get this, Hawaii is the only state in our great nation, where the stuff of chocolate grows!  He got a cool cut, that made him come in looking professorial, and leaving looking a little sassy.  I think he had some extra bounce to his step too!

The other client today got a golden gloss over her highlights and a cool long bang, short on the back cut and style which Hillary J basically just finger brushed it while blow-drying.

Another client just moved back to Hawaii and she looked to be in her late 50-s and was making a transition back into the job market with a cool short cut that took advantage of her curls – had a really interesting nape too!

The time before, the woman was a new client, and she went from kind of no-inspiration cut to something or someone with a new outlook on life.

I swear Hilllary J has a way of breathing new life into people via their hair.

I met her when I was on the brink of leaving my bf of 7 years, but had not quite made the jump.

I was kind of a wreck–I didn’t realize it at the time, but 10 pounds overweight, hair a mess and struggling to figure out what to do next.

Anyway -it’s not about me.

I just think the people I have met in the last year have been pretty interesting – from walks of life I would never have experienced.

And before going to Winam Studio, I never did.

Thank you Hillary J!