Kiehl’s Biological Peel

In my Sephora sample bag where I got 12 samples of skincare a couple of months ago-one of the samples was Dr. Somebody’s alpha beta hydroxy peel – the one that comes in two steps.

I kind of liked it.

I’m not a big exfoliator – peeler-slougher person when it comes to my face, but I was okay with turning over a new leaf.  (haha).


I kind of liked the fresh feeling, especially around my nose which is the only place on my face that is oily at this point.

So when I got LM’s Flawless Face Polish for the 3rd or 4th time, I decided to try it out.  The product “beads” are made to not be sharp so they don’t create micro tears in the skin. But, though it smells good and feels clean, I worry about the inflammation that the micro tears make when you are scrubbing with them.  Inflammation, in my opinion, is to blame for brown spots and at the end of the day wrinkles.

Brown spots –think of when you have a zit or mosquito bite.  If you scratch or do otherwise, it becomes red and inflamed(more). Then when it heals, instead of fading back slowly, it scabs or looks irritated as the new skin grows around the site.  Then if you don’t diligently use sunscreen on the site-there’s a good chance you will get a brown spot eventually.  I think those kind of brown spots are fadeable, but why inflame the site to begin with?

Or in the case of wrinkles, aside from your face moving in the course of the day chewing, smiling, expressing whatever, all those little free radicals are floating around just waiting to attack through the weak point in the defense.  If you’ve scrubbed yourself with something harsh, in the name of stimulating collagen with the irritation, well, doesn’t it make sense that you’ve created a weakness? I mean, that’s why your face is pinkish, isn’t it? A little stimulation is good, a lot, I think not.

Anyway.  I’m not a doctor, but it makes sense to me. Especially with those vibrating scrubbing things that people use.  I was at the Revive’ workshop last year and a woman in the audience was talking about how much she used her scrubber day and night, everyday and every night. And, from where I was sitting her skin was really red. Like really her real issue was OCD.

I digress.

So, instead of scrubbing, when looking to put together my purchases for the NM gift bag, I already knew one item would be something to help turn over the dead skin cells, so I chose Kiehl’s Biological Peel.  It is to put on a clean face and wear overnight.  It is a clear gel, almost feels like silicon and slides on easily.

In the morning, you just wash off.  I’ve had samples of this product before and liked it. But for whatever reason, I don’t feel as exfoliated.

Oh well, I love the thrill of the search!