L’Oreal Miracle Blur or Buff?

I don’t know-when I first saw the sample in Allure Magazine, I wasn’t overly eager to try it since I was unimpressed with L’Oreal’s primer and other foundation related products.

So, I didn’t try it until a friend of mind mentioned she tried the sample that she found in Redbook Magazine.  I’m not exactly sure of the details, but somehow the product got in contact with her eyes and stung and irritated them, to the point her eyes were still red around the lid and undereye area a day later.

Now I have to tell you that her reaction made me pretty nervous about trying the product – but I thought in the name of the blog I would try it but avoid getting close to my eye area. Instead I would just go to the outer edges of the peri-orbital socket and not closer than 3/4 inch to my eye.


I opened the sample packet-that mind you has no directions other than test the product in the palm of your hand, nothing about getting it in your eyes, washing your hands before touching your eyes, or anything to the like –  I immediately was transported back to 4-5 years ago when Clarins brought out their primer product.

At the time, I was still wearing powder foundation on a regular basis, but Clarin’s was more about skincare.  The counter person encouraged me to try the primer -which actually I didn’t know what it was for.

The consistency of the Clarin’s product Instant Smooth Perfecting TouchInstant smooth perfecting touch is the same as the L’Oreal product “miracle blur”.

I call it spackle.

L’Oreal’s product is  creamier than wax, but not as smooth as a cream.  It has a dry feeling and it kind of separates in your hand.

I rubbed it in my palm to warm it up, but when applied to my face, it pretty much didn’t stick like real spackle does to your wall.  I thought it took a lot of effort to put on – and in my opinion too much pulling and rubbing of my skin.

I put it on one side of my face and washed my hands.

I wore it through my ballet class and asked my friends if they could see a difference on either side of my face.  My makeup buddy said yes  -the side with the spackle definitely looked smoother.

I get that the product ‘blurs’ your wrinkles – or maybe ‘buffs” is a better choice since you have to do so much rubbing.  I washed it off in the shower careful not to rub it toward my eyes.  I didn’t experience any irritation, but that’s with my being very careful to not get the product close to my eyes.

I think the sample needs to be clearly labeled on this point as well as to wash your hands.  If you have sensitive skin, the product might not make sense to you.  SInce it is like spackle, it’s probably not great for people with acne or pores.

Anyway-it’s not worth the trouble.  Try a smooth liquid primer instead like Lancome’s La Base or Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer.  A drugstore brand I might try is Neutragena’s primer in oil free, matte finish, or regular.



I’m not going to write was suggested for the product name instead of ‘blur”, but it starts with a bl and ends with a d.