Free Madonna Lift Workshop


Free Madonna Lift Workshop

If anyone is looking for the “Madonna Lift” in Honolulu – there’s a free workshop!


To the Defense! -Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector SPF 43

That’s a mouthful!

I saw the ad for this product in Allure magazine and was highly curious.

Shiseido doesn’t call it a BB cream or a CC cream or a ZZ cream.  But does everything.  The little sample says “A lightweight, oil free tinted protector that shields against daily UV rays.  Anti-photo aging, anti-oxidative and moisturizing effects protect and maintain skin’s beauty.

Another mouthful!  Amazing they got that all on the little sample card!

Like all Shiseido products, the cream smells good and goes on easily.  I like to take color products on my fingertips and warm it up a little- it stirs the product up as well.  Sometimes my Laura Mercier Silk Creme separates in the tube, but mixes easily.


This defending product is so highly pigmented it is like putting on cream foundation.  Plus it has all the benefits that guard against anti-aging.

Maybe the product is little league for Shiseido who is a skincare giant internationally – known for their color line, but if you take a look at the JNs from Japan most of them avoid the sun and take care of their skin.  They have a leg up on being taught to take care of their skin very early on, and have great products that FOCUS on skincare first.

The only thing is the product only comes in light, medium, dark–happily I match the medium shade so I can use it.  Many other BB CC creams also come in these few “shades” but they don’t work well – too pink, too dark too too.


A high recommend if you’re looking for an all in one.  Just make sure if you really want to use it as a one step, meaning you don’t apply separate layer of sunscreen, make sure you put enough product on to get the UV protection.


Revivogen Revival

Well….he’s been at it since February this year and by it I mean using Revivogen’s hair growth system

And guess what?

It’s working.

He’s sprouting a significant amount of hair in the front/top of his head. Not as much as when blew it dry in the 80-s but definitely more

Less scalp showing through.

The system basically cleans your scalp with a minty shampoo and you spray on the treatment which was created by a dermatologist. It has b6, saw palmetto and other nature based ingredients which stimulate growth.

Lincoln W over at Boss beauty supply has the kit in regular and travel sizes.

I guess this means the bf will be using less gel and more shampoo!