Clinique high impact extreme volume mascara

I got this because I wanted a gift with product and I needed a little more to get the gift.

The tube is a sleek but chubby silver with a green stripe on the cap. The brush is really fat–

After all the way it looks – when I first pulled it out – I thought the product seemed really thick and gloppy.  But I used it anyway–it works well but you have to be careful not to get it on your skin around your eyes. It’s very lengthening and voluminizing and very black.

But after using it a month or so, daily, the product glops on and clumps my lashes together.  I only do the top lashes, and they get smushed into small haystacks of lashes instead of separated.

I’ve always liked Mac mascaras like False Lashes, so it looks like I have to go back. I don’t really like Lancome’s Defenicils because I don’t have time to do more than one coat.  L’Oreal’s Millionize is pretty good for drugstore, Laura Mercier’s is pretty good and yes, this can go on forever and ever…….




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  1. I’m sticking with Dior! It’s fabulous and it’s worth it to me.

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