Think FAST ! Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Shampoo in a Can

I don’t know what you guys think, but naming a product properly is very important.  This newer product from Paul MItchell is actually called Dry Wash not my self-christened “shampoo in a can”.

I wasn’t sure how to use if after picking it up from Winam Studio where I gloss my hair, so I checked out the video online.  A cool looking stylist with a pretty model effused how much he liked the power of the aerosol–I guess that means the force of output in one direction.


This product is different in that you don’t have to brush it out! Saves you a step.

You basically separate the hair, in larger sections and spray the product from scalp to ends, but spray lightly. Then at the end, spray some on your hands and swish together, bend over and work it into the back of your ends.

The product builds volume and sops up the oil without leaving a powdery residue.  There is a powdery feel on the fingers-but no powder to be seen!

What I like mostly is, since my sense of smell is sensitive, I can use this product to freshen up my hair – sort of like deodorant. My hair is not dirty, but it doesn’t smell just washed fresh in the morning – so it’s like perfuming my hair for me-and it adds volume.

More stylists are recommending not washing your hair everyday-especially if you color.  The product can be used after a workout-but I think that depends how much your head perspires-hey everybody is different!

A high recommend! If you’re in Honolulu, pick it up at Winam Studio!