Just for Men? A Shiny Experience

So, it was time for covering the gray-and I had mentioned to Hillary Julliette of Winam Studio I wanted to do something different, go a little lighter.

Thing is, since PM Shine Gloss, the product I’ve had to cover my gray for 1.5 years doesn’t lighten- she let me in on her own secret.

The secret is a product that she uses on men, that basically does the same thing as a gloss, but only takes 10 minutes to process. Hmmm-why? Because men are less into chit chatting while in the chair? Who knows.


This new product does not harm your hair like color. Color goes into your hair and changes it so you see a color change.  Gloss sits on top of your hair – for me, it’s been just as permanent as color.  It doesn’t wash out, and even better it doesn’t get dingy after a couple of weeks. And it covers my gray.

So–the deal is, when my hair grows out, the new product gloss will be a little lighter and be like highlights without the chemical processing that highlights require.

Your natural color is still there – just with highlights. I don’t think my graying hair pattern is going to be gloriously beautiful like some lucky people get–so this works for me.

As I write this, I am picturing an old school chum who has awesome white hair–doesn’t hurt that he’s hot.

Hot at 50-ish.

It’s a good thing.