It Looked Good In The Store-Urban Decay BB

I love love love Urban Decay’s Naked line packaging. Somehow you think you’re going to squeeze out something bronze and shimmering when you open a tube of their new BB cream.

What’s curious to me is, it comes out with a tint, but any salesperson will swear it’s translucent.

When I put it on my hand in the store, it appears to give a little coverage – making my hand skin look a little polished.

Excited to get it home and on my face (I never put products on my face or lips. Why? You have to read those icky reports of  what and how many germs live on the product testers. I don’t mind putting it on my hand when I can wipe it off with alcohol tho.), but true to the salesperson’s pitch-it changes the color of my facial skin not at all.

I can’t really see the benefit of using it since I am a faithful skincare devotee. So anything I get from a product is truly just extra.

ByeBye BB!