Cream Silk-y Smoothe–Kitoko Body Cream

I’m a glutton for a beauty product store.  I got the bf hooked on Revivogen- since February the product has given back real estate on his receding hairline on the top of his head.

On a recent hair supply run to BOSS Beauty Supply on Nimitz Hwy in Honolulu, I was tooling around waiting for him when I came upon a new Kitoko product.

I used a few bottles of the yummy smelling Kitoko Oil on my path to get my hair back into condition, and loved the soft, kind of nutty, rich smell.  Not like coconut, but somehow has a rich scent.


The new product has both the original Kitoko Oil’s Karite oil and now Argan Oil.

Super softening and non-greasy, this is the new pick for body lotion. Plus it smells so good, I don’t need to put on perfume-which I really don’t wear anyway.

I have a hard time reading the print on the tube, but the original Kitoko oil products provide sunscreen via antioxidant Vit E, and Argan oil is supposed to have 3 times the amount of Vit E.

But at the end of the day, I still say wear sunscreen.