WHOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHH! Izunami G6 Blowdryer Take Me Away!

I have seriously thick hair.


Wire-horse hair like strands.

And really thick – lots o hair on my head.

So, when we have really muggy thick like pea soup weather in the 808, drying my hair is a real chore in the no-a/c bathroom.

Even with the little pip-squeek fan-ain’t no thang! Can’t get my hair dry.

Frowns around!

I had a brand new blow drier-which is perfectly fine for finer haired sisters, but it just couldn’t puff hard enough for me.

Remember the days when blowdryers became available for non-hair stylists? Back in the days of Farrah and her wings, or those bowl hair cuts, that were round all-around with the curls blown under?

I was soooo jealous of my cousin who’s mom was a stylist -because my cuz had one of the first yellow bumble bee dryers-made by Conair.


So, tooling around my favorite beauty supply store, BOSS on Nimitz Highway, right after the Costco turn if you’re going Ewa, I am lucky enough to catch Lincoln Whang – chief beauty guy and owner.

I told him my issue and he showed me a couple of driers–the top grade of the Izanumi line was a little out of my budget so he showed me the totally sleek G6.

The G6 is light, pretty in silver, and the cylinder doesn’t get hot. It is designed for professionals who have to blow dry hair all day, so they can take a break and hold it by the cylinder.

Plus it is quiet, easy to clean, and has unbelievable power – like I mean thrust -like the ability to dry my hair FAST!  Izanumi designed the drier for this purpose-there’s a video online if you choose to check it out on their website.  I’d post, but the video host’s voice is a little much for me – so it must be the same for others.

I highly recommend checking out this blow dryer for people with really thick hair-or for those who want to get out the door fast!