Dramatically Different? Clinique DD Lotion

I remember when I got my first job out of college and I would marvel at a co-worker who was already using Lancome’ and other non-drugstore brands.  She was everything I wasn’t – petite, stylish and skinny.

I was still in the category of, the purchasing of department store brands was a far off thing that I hadn’t thought about yet.  Even when another co-worker bought a Dior eye shadow set with multiple colors, and wore the entire rainbow on her lids, I balked at spending $45 for eye shadow.

I guess that’s how I entered the luxury brands by first purchasing Clinique and it’s 3-step cleansing, toning and moisturizing set of a soap, toner and Dramatically Different.

I’ve noticed going by the counter that DD had the same familiar rectangular package, but it’s signage was announcing it was a new thang.

I had gotten a sample so many months back, but figured, whatever, it wasn’t going to hydrate my dry skin. It was ok in my youth, but not 25 years plus later.

But I figured I’d try it over my various serums – skinceuticals C 20%, or Clarins’ Double Serum etc.

I have to admit, whatever is in the new formula, it works better for my skin.  I feel like I stay hydrated most of the day-even days I am in out and out of the car in town where it is hotter and drier than the ww side.

it must be the time release formula for moisture delivery? Now if they could stop time and aging on my facial skin altogether, now that would make me happy!

Hmm.Maybe they should make a body lotion without fragrance.



Clarins’ Double Serum

I got this in exchange for Clarins’ neck cream I was using – it turns out I am allergic to the formula so….I took it back to Nords.

I like that you don’t have to squeeze out the double serum separately like you used to in other products, but it seems like one side is clogged, or metes out a very small amount. The darker liquid doesn’t always appear to be mixed in.

Clarins’ Double Serum is supposed to be a super product that does everything-brighten, tone, hydrate, fight further aging etc. It feels oil-based, but lighter than Josie Maran, or Kitoko Oil, but I need to put a moisturizer over this product to feel hydrated.

It’s only been two weeks of using the product, so the other claims are not reportable yet – but we’ll see how it goes.  I shake the bottle to see if the darker liquid is just “stuck” but it doesn’t help.  Nord’s is constructing in their parking lot, so it’s going to be a hard holidays trying to get in the shopping center at Ala Moana.  At least in LA (where I visit) there is a shopping mall and another Nords or otherwise a few miles apart.


It’s a pricey product, with no immediate results.  I can’t see buying three bottles to see it it works.



Calling Asian Complexions! Clinique’s CC Cream is a MATCH!!!!


I love the idea of a cream that does everything for you-like roll out of bed, slap on some BB CC AA cream and go!


Not true in my case.

Before I do that I put on serum, real sunscreen applied on my entire face, neck and décolleté, and I advise everyone who uses any kind of tinted moisturizer of multi-purpose cream to do the same in the sunscreen department.

Think about it, you put on your tinted whatever more sparingly than the quarter size helping of sunscreen you’re supposed to apply.  Do you put on  quarter size dollop of tint?

I DIGRESS as always to preach the sunscreen gospel.

Anyway, I don’t know about the US mainland and other places, but Clinique Hawaii counters offer 3 shades they claim are not offered allover.  They are special shades made for Japanese complexions who tend to be fair and a little less pink.

Even though I live in Hawaii, I tend to lean toward the fair side.  I’ve stayed out of the sun for the last 17 years and use sunscreen religiously even on overcast days.

So this new CC product-I got a sample and it matches my skintone perfectly!  Like the old Prescriptives ads, when it is applied it disappears into my skin.

What’s more, it has good coverage and for me, I apply it from the center around my nose and under my eyes.  It brightens my whole face – I don’t need to apply to my forehead, but I like a little coverage where I do have a few freckles.

Anyway-Clinique CC Cream in colors for Asians!

It’s a hit!




PM Awapuhi Lathering Moisturizing Shampoo

I’ve been spoiled.  I like luxury shampoo and hair products in general.  Ever since I bought my first bottle of S-Factor, it’s been a slippery slope.

I most recently have been using Phyto shampoo, and was about out when Elle Magazine’s Top 100 Hair Salons in the U.S., Hillary Juliette of Winam Studio gave me a summer solstice gift of Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Lathering Moisturizing Shampoo.

It’s pretty amazing – a dab will do you, because just a dab works for your whole head, even when it’s thick like mine.  After shampooing, I think my hair is pretty moisturized.

Sheez-it might work better than the Phyto.


Neck Up-Clarins Advanced Extra Firming Neck Cream

I don’t know about you guys, but of late, I’ve been thinking more about the skin below my face – mainly my neck, and specifically where my neck ends and my decollete’ starts.

I guess it’s gravity aka old age but my skin seems to be stretching and changing texture in that specific area.

When I visit make up counters I ask about what they offer in the way of neck creams, and for the most part most brands don’t carry a specific neck product.

I guess it goes with the fact that most brands started somewhere whether it’s based in color or skin, and they eventually branch out from skin to color, or color to skin.  Like Clinique is a skin company who added color, or Bobbi Brown is a color company, that added skin.

Some of the walks on the wild side work, other times Not!


Clarins is a skin company that branched out to color – so after walking around Nords the other day (finally got a parking space in the Nords lot-Ala Moana is going through an expansion to add Bloomingdales and the closed  parking lot by Sears is causing MAJOR traffic jams.  Not to mention Nords is starting construction to expand on that side of the lot – pretty soon there won’t be any place to park!  Ala Moana management needs to start the holiday valet service now, so people won’t just get frustrated and go to Ward Centre).

The person at Nords Clarins came from Macy’s and is now their sales manager. I forget her name, but she has a singsong voice and when she told me the story of the neck cream and the sun flowers swaying in the wind, like your head, are both supported by a strong base – the sunflower stalk, or your neck.

I know-pretty funny.

I’ve been using the cream in the morning and the evening, and I have to say, I see an improvement in my skin when the product is applied. Non sticky, pleasant fragrance, and goes right in-what more could I ask for.

At $80 something a jar,if it works I’m happy. Plus it just happened to be extra bonus time, so I got a deluxe toner which I’m running out of, Beauty Flash Balm, and something else it didn’t make an impact on me. I think I may have mailed it to my mom.

As a side note, I had gone to WW mall counter and the girl there showed me a different neck product from Clarins.  I don’t know if she is just not educated or lazy, but I asked the Nords person about it, and she said the other $105 product also helps get rid of spots on your neck.

A high recommend – it won’t improve your decollete’ area if it is highly damaged, but I think it’s good for when you’re showing the signs.  (If you have more damage, it’s time to visit the doc).