PM Awapuhi Lathering Moisturizing Shampoo

I’ve been spoiled.  I like luxury shampoo and hair products in general.  Ever since I bought my first bottle of S-Factor, it’s been a slippery slope.

I most recently have been using Phyto shampoo, and was about out when Elle Magazine’s Top 100 Hair Salons in the U.S., Hillary Juliette of Winam Studio gave me a summer solstice gift of Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Lathering Moisturizing Shampoo.

It’s pretty amazing – a dab will do you, because just a dab works for your whole head, even when it’s thick like mine.  After shampooing, I think my hair is pretty moisturized.

Sheez-it might work better than the Phyto.