Calling Asian Complexions! Clinique’s CC Cream is a MATCH!!!!


I love the idea of a cream that does everything for you-like roll out of bed, slap on some BB CC AA cream and go!


Not true in my case.

Before I do that I put on serum, real sunscreen applied on my entire face, neck and décolleté, and I advise everyone who uses any kind of tinted moisturizer of multi-purpose cream to do the same in the sunscreen department.

Think about it, you put on your tinted whatever more sparingly than the quarter size helping of sunscreen you’re supposed to apply.  Do you put on  quarter size dollop of tint?

I DIGRESS as always to preach the sunscreen gospel.

Anyway, I don’t know about the US mainland and other places, but Clinique Hawaii counters offer 3 shades they claim are not offered allover.  They are special shades made for Japanese complexions who tend to be fair and a little less pink.

Even though I live in Hawaii, I tend to lean toward the fair side.  I’ve stayed out of the sun for the last 17 years and use sunscreen religiously even on overcast days.

So this new CC product-I got a sample and it matches my skintone perfectly!  Like the old Prescriptives ads, when it is applied it disappears into my skin.

What’s more, it has good coverage and for me, I apply it from the center around my nose and under my eyes.  It brightens my whole face – I don’t need to apply to my forehead, but I like a little coverage where I do have a few freckles.

Anyway-Clinique CC Cream in colors for Asians!

It’s a hit!




1 thought on “Calling Asian Complexions! Clinique’s CC Cream is a MATCH!!!!

  1. Just an update–I do find the formula a little drying for my skin. Living in Hawaii, I would think it would be fine with our humidity, but I have to lay on the moisturizer heavily to avoid my skin feeling tight.

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