Clarins’ Double Serum

I got this in exchange for Clarins’ neck cream I was using – it turns out I am allergic to the formula so….I took it back to Nords.

I like that you don’t have to squeeze out the double serum separately like you used to in other products, but it seems like one side is clogged, or metes out a very small amount. The darker liquid doesn’t always appear to be mixed in.

Clarins’ Double Serum is supposed to be a super product that does everything-brighten, tone, hydrate, fight further aging etc. It feels oil-based, but lighter than Josie Maran, or Kitoko Oil, but I need to put a moisturizer over this product to feel hydrated.

It’s only been two weeks of using the product, so the other claims are not reportable yet – but we’ll see how it goes.  I shake the bottle to see if the darker liquid is just “stuck” but it doesn’t help.  Nord’s is constructing in their parking lot, so it’s going to be a hard holidays trying to get in the shopping center at Ala Moana.  At least in LA (where I visit) there is a shopping mall and another Nords or otherwise a few miles apart.


It’s a pricey product, with no immediate results.  I can’t see buying three bottles to see it it works.