Dramatically Different? Clinique DD Lotion

I remember when I got my first job out of college and I would marvel at a co-worker who was already using Lancome’ and other non-drugstore brands.  She was everything I wasn’t – petite, stylish and skinny.

I was still in the category of, the purchasing of department store brands was a far off thing that I hadn’t thought about yet.  Even when another co-worker bought a Dior eye shadow set with multiple colors, and wore the entire rainbow on her lids, I balked at spending $45 for eye shadow.

I guess that’s how I entered the luxury brands by first purchasing Clinique and it’s 3-step cleansing, toning and moisturizing set of a soap, toner and Dramatically Different.

I’ve noticed going by the counter that DD had the same familiar rectangular package, but it’s signage was announcing it was a new thang.

I had gotten a sample so many months back, but figured, whatever, it wasn’t going to hydrate my dry skin. It was ok in my youth, but not 25 years plus later.

But I figured I’d try it over my various serums – skinceuticals C 20%, or Clarins’ Double Serum etc.

I have to admit, whatever is in the new formula, it works better for my skin.  I feel like I stay hydrated most of the day-even days I am in out and out of the car in town where it is hotter and drier than the ww side.

it must be the time release formula for moisture delivery? Now if they could stop time and aging on my facial skin altogether, now that would make me happy!

Hmm.Maybe they should make a body lotion without fragrance.