Smooth Times 2! Kitoko Body Polish and Cream

It’s always a treat to visit Lincoln Whang at Boss Beauty Supply on Nimitz. He’s such a wealth of knowledge in the newest products for hair and beauty. Many of the products are organic too.

The latest discovery is Kitoko’s Body Polish -a heavenly scrub and shower gel in one. The product has scrubby bits that help exfoliate while the oil and vitamin e smooth and nourish.


Use the body cream and polish together and you’ll be irresistible ! Just in time for he holidays! Lincoln has numerous gift bundles for gift ideas. Choose from neuma hair

products and more -plus there are travel sizes in most products.


He hinted of a new product based on Dead Sea minerals I can’t wait!


I’m in Bliss-ex-Glow-sion, Triple Oxygen Moisture Cream

I wasn’t  too thrilled with Josie Maran’s new infinity oil.  It smelled nice and basically it was a solid form of her famous liquid oil products, designed for on the go moisturizing, dabbing on your stray hairs, as a lip gloss etc.

But, I think it was a little too much. Plus, when you squeezed it out, maybe it’s because Hawaii is a little more humid and warm, the product separated into solid and oil, so the oil would leak out first when you opened the tube.

So I took it back to Sephora who happily accepted the return with the receipt.

I’m always in search of moisture and even though picking up my gift w purchase bag at Neiman’s was only a few days away, and as part of the buy I bought Kiehl’s Rosa Artica, my mainstay, I was in love with the texture and how Bliss’ product felt on the back of my hand.  BLISS-484

I’m a sucker for new.


Hey, I don’t have kids to clothe, so I indulge.

In any case, I purchased the product that promises a youthful glow, applied morning and evening. Apply and massage in gently for 30 seconds.

The first overnight, my skin was not tight at all in the morning.  Usually it is crying out for moisture. I washed up and reapplied under my makeup for the day, and my skin stayed very moist throughout the day.

The product smells like oranges–and is fairly thick, but goes in quickly.

I love it!

Rosa Artica has new competition on the block!

Beauty From Within-Greens & Vines

Anybody is going to tell you, what you put in your mouth, will show up on your face. Well, at least most people who are concerned with their health.

So, if you drink too much coffee, eat a lot of processed foods, nosh on fries and drink past enjoyable…well, you pay for it over time.

And it manifests most readily on your face. Because you see it every morning after you had a potato chip and wine dinner the night before.

Not a pretty sight.

My ballet teacher and I shared a love of potato chips and my mother’s unbelievable brownies, but so many years ago, she took the path of no sugar, no refined foods, started growing her own wheat grass and pea pod variety pack (sunflower pods etc), and more recently gave Greens & Vines, also known as Licious Dishes, a huge thumbs up.

Since she’s pretty much a veg, going out to dinner with the fam was frequently a challenge to find something healthy. Most salads were limp or covered in dressing, or the veggies came covered in a crispy crust etc.  Going to G&V was the first time she was interested in trying everyone’s dish.

The BF has not been able to exercise so he’s been watching what he eats more than usual, so I thought the perfect night out would be to check out Syliva and Pete’s place on the corner of Kapiolani and Ward in the 909 Kapiolani Bldg.

The parking is inside 909 on the second floor, and you have to sign in and take the elevator down ( I think you have to be buzzed in by G&V) to gain access.  Then it’s a short round the corner walk to the restaurant.

It’s a great space, with outside tables if you like a cool breeze.

Going in a new restaurant is always fun. You watch every dish going by and wonder what it is, and visually take a taste of your neighbor’s food.  In our case, we had heard and read that the Living Lasagna was the most popular, so we both ordered it and the Dips and Chips sampler. Had a nice little white burgandy with that too.


What can I say? Everything on the plate was fresh and tasty! The Living Lasagna was heaven, and you’d have to ask yourself, why would I go back to the fatty version?

You don’t even miss that it’s raw. Every layer is tasty and has it’s own flavor and texture profile.

I can’t remember each exact combination, but we had a coconut and something fiery, a quacamole with macadamia cream, and my favorite, a macadamia nut butter with sun dried tomatoes? I could eat the macadamia nut butter all day long-so delicious!  And the flax seed thins were also really delicious! I was wondering what type of “bread” would be offered – the green onion flavor was also yummy. The sample dish on it’s own would take the place of any commercially made chip or cracker and make a great dinner. (I know I still eat like a college student on some nights, making meals out of what is quickest).

As we ate, we saw the basil and tomato marinara “pasta”, alfredo fettucine and pad thai go by-we watched enviously and we only wished we had our thinking caps on and ordered different dishes so we could try each others-but oh well, I guess that means we have to go back!

Greens & Vines also has a grab and go section for something quick and healthy, and offers meal plans to go.  Check out for more info.

Have a delicious day!


Winam Hair Studio – 2nd Crown of Glory

I thought I posted this previously, but I realized I didn’t.

Hillary J of Winam Hair Studio was selected as Hawaii’s representative for the 100 Best Salons in the Country by Elle Magazine for the second time-find the complete listing in the August 2013 issue.  Winam was on Winam Street in Kapahulu when it first won recognition last year, but has since moved to a cool space above the post office in Kaimuki, on Kokohead Avenue.

Hillary is the stylist and owner, and on any given day the salon has a comfortable, people chilling and hanging out vibe.  She has a new website,, or find her on yelp–she has over 100, 4 star ratings by happy clients.  She takes appointments on, which makes it easy to choose whether you are having a green cut, gloss, highlights, cut etc.

WinamStudio HawaiiI originally found HJ on yelp myself.  The photo gallery had a woman with hair similar looking to mine-thick and heavy strands, and I went in citing photo #70.

For early morning risers, Winam is now taking appointments at 430am! The 5am’s are booked, so since HJ gets up early…


Shimmer Me Timbers ! Clinique Corrective Primers

Give me a silicon based primer and I am intrigued.  Make it work a little harder and I am in love.

I was cruising Windward Mall Macy’s a few days ago and spied colorful tubes at the Clinique counter. I was with the BF so it was mainly a touch and go, but a few days later I got a sample from Neiman’s..

Clinique’s new primers are silicon-based, so the result is a little cushion upon which your foundation sits on top of. My friend calls it “spackle”–sort of fills in the nooks and crannies of old scars, pores and probably light lines.


What makes them special is they come in colors that correct for sallowness (lavender), brightness(pink), radiance (gold), redness(yellow), and I think there was clear/translucent, making it just the primer with no correction.

MakeUp Forever also has primers for specific issues by the way.

But the Clinique products work very well with their new CC Cream. I’m not sure if it helps form a seal of moisture, but using both together, helps with the dryness issue I had with the CC cream. They work beautifully together. But at least in my case, not so well with my non silicon based primer.

I’m happy to see that Clinique is creating new products that actually work–their price point is vey reasonable, and their gifts with purchase are great. While other gwps are getting a little chintzy, or boring because they always give the same thing, Clinique is offering a breath of fresh air.


Madonna Lift-Free Workshop

For those who have heard about the Madonna Lift, and have questions, than Dr. Melanie Tantisira’s workshop on 9/26 is the place to be.

I attended one of Dr T’s informative sessions a few months back, and the best part was the Q&A.  In the cozy setting of her office, attendees shared their concerns, and it was nice to have some interchange.

We’ve all been to workshops where the presenter says,, “any questions?”, and then everybody hits the street.

In any case, Dr T will talk about the Madonna Lift, share before and after stories, and talk about Botox and dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Restylane and how using them with the procedure, enhances the results.

She will probably include info on the Accent XL-it’s a radio frequency treatment that tightens skin and smooths cellulite.  I’m thinking I would like to have my little bit of skin under my neck treated, and possibly my décolleté.  I’ve preached about SPF on my face, but neglected my decollete and neck, so there you have it. I’m seeing aging of my skin if I did not use SPF all these years.

Like I said, it’s cozy, so if you’re interested, sign up by calling 808-591-9111. That means, seating is very limited.


The Battle of the Drugstore Daily Moisturizers w SPF

It’s more important than anything to wear SPF and moisture.


If moisturizer all by itself was going to do the trick, than everybody who has been faithfully moisturizing since their youth would be wrinkle-free.

You must protect from the sun.

I know, get off my pedestal.  I get pretty preachy on this topic, but many of my contemporaries who are actually younger than I am, love being in the sun, and are, well, wrinkly.

I used Olay’s daily moisturizer for years to give my skin a little moisture when I first woke up in the morning and because I’ve always lived in homes with a lot of windows, I needed spf as well.  Prior to Olay, I was a faithful user of Kiehl’s moisturizer with A and E, but it had, and still does not have SPF.

So I switched.

And truthfully I got bored. So I strayed.

For everything there is, I tend to be a person, who is always looking for a little more. My bf is glass full, I’m glass empty.

So both Cetaphil and Cera ve’ versions of moisturizer w spf were on sale at Long’s drugstore/Walgreens, but I purchased the cetaphil to try first.

The product is nice enough, but well, I’m not one of those people who avoids the eye area even when told not to, and true to form, the Cetaphil stings.

As an aside, that’s why there are not very many eye area SPF creams or lotions-only a handful exist like Lancome’s.

Anyway. Since an allover the face application is my deal, than I was back to Longs and I got the Cerave’ version.

The texture of the lotion itself is very nice-and however it is formulated, it does not sting my eyes!

So what did I do with the the Cetaphil? I keep it in my car.  Whenever I feel a little dry, I apply a few drops to the dry areas. And truthfully, it’s been suggested, that’s part of the reason why I don’t have wrinkles according to a facialist I recently went to.

She recommends applying SPF moisture cream over your makeup during the day. Meaning, go ahead and do your normal routine in the morning. Serum, moisturizer than SPF, makeup.  Then when you feel a little dry during the day, take a cotton pad (not cotton ball), and put a little moisturizer w spf on it, and gently pat it on your face.

This is the same as patting on with my fingers in the world according to me.

But seriously, in a sunny climate and the shrinking ozone, why not protect yourself a bit more?