Beauty From Within-Greens & Vines

Anybody is going to tell you, what you put in your mouth, will show up on your face. Well, at least most people who are concerned with their health.

So, if you drink too much coffee, eat a lot of processed foods, nosh on fries and drink past enjoyable…well, you pay for it over time.

And it manifests most readily on your face. Because you see it every morning after you had a potato chip and wine dinner the night before.

Not a pretty sight.

My ballet teacher and I shared a love of potato chips and my mother’s unbelievable brownies, but so many years ago, she took the path of no sugar, no refined foods, started growing her own wheat grass and pea pod variety pack (sunflower pods etc), and more recently gave Greens & Vines, also known as Licious Dishes, a huge thumbs up.

Since she’s pretty much a veg, going out to dinner with the fam was frequently a challenge to find something healthy. Most salads were limp or covered in dressing, or the veggies came covered in a crispy crust etc.  Going to G&V was the first time she was interested in trying everyone’s dish.

The BF has not been able to exercise so he’s been watching what he eats more than usual, so I thought the perfect night out would be to check out Syliva and Pete’s place on the corner of Kapiolani and Ward in the 909 Kapiolani Bldg.

The parking is inside 909 on the second floor, and you have to sign in and take the elevator down ( I think you have to be buzzed in by G&V) to gain access.  Then it’s a short round the corner walk to the restaurant.

It’s a great space, with outside tables if you like a cool breeze.

Going in a new restaurant is always fun. You watch every dish going by and wonder what it is, and visually take a taste of your neighbor’s food.  In our case, we had heard and read that the Living Lasagna was the most popular, so we both ordered it and the Dips and Chips sampler. Had a nice little white burgandy with that too.


What can I say? Everything on the plate was fresh and tasty! The Living Lasagna was heaven, and you’d have to ask yourself, why would I go back to the fatty version?

You don’t even miss that it’s raw. Every layer is tasty and has it’s own flavor and texture profile.

I can’t remember each exact combination, but we had a coconut and something fiery, a quacamole with macadamia cream, and my favorite, a macadamia nut butter with sun dried tomatoes? I could eat the macadamia nut butter all day long-so delicious!  And the flax seed thins were also really delicious! I was wondering what type of “bread” would be offered – the green onion flavor was also yummy. The sample dish on it’s own would take the place of any commercially made chip or cracker and make a great dinner. (I know I still eat like a college student on some nights, making meals out of what is quickest).

As we ate, we saw the basil and tomato marinara “pasta”, alfredo fettucine and pad thai go by-we watched enviously and we only wished we had our thinking caps on and ordered different dishes so we could try each others-but oh well, I guess that means we have to go back!

Greens & Vines also has a grab and go section for something quick and healthy, and offers meal plans to go.  Check out for more info.

Have a delicious day!