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So, I’m at the gym this morning, and the overhead light is shining on my face as I wash my hands.

Seriously, I see something kind of shiny over my left eyebrow.

Damn, it is a white hair.

My hair turns a very silvery white- and I’m not sure yet if that is lucky in a weird way.

I try to pull it out with my naked fingers, but it’s too slippery to pull out.

Later, tooling around Longs drugstore in search of whatever, I see that Revlon is having an implements sale.  I check out the 4x magnifying mirror and gasp in horror at all of the other unplucked hairs-BESIDES the original shiny white one.

I get home, and I have brand new tweezerman tweezers, yet I have a hard time grabbing many of the hairs using the new 4x mirror.

What does that mean?

Is it possible that the mirror magnifies more than what the tweezer can pluck?

Did the chicken cross the road, or a tree make a sound in the forest?

Other things to ponder while the time ticks by.