Pert Plus Revisited? Shampoo and Conditioner Together?

I think I was reading Elle or INstyle-just checking out the pages and saw this “tip”. Maybe it was More (old fart) magazine-yes, that makes more sense, because when you are getting older you have less time in general so you’d probably want to save some time during the grooming process.

The shower pressure at H club is unbelievably low.  Only 2 shower stalls have decent shower heads so I can rinse my Japanee thick wire hair in an expeditious manner.  The other showers are dismal. Once I mentioned it to my hair and she said, “rinse longer”.

Seriously, the last thing I want to do is stand in a shower at H club any longer than necessary.


The tip was to shampoo your roots and condition your ends at the same time.

Yes, you read that right.

Like the same as Pert Plus where you just shampooed and conditioned in one application and more importantly-one rinse cycle.

So I tried it one day. I think I was using Nexxus light moisture shampoo and Neuma conditioner on the ends.

Felt ok, but strange to be sudsy and moist at the same time.

My hair performed ok that day, though I wondered if my roots wanted a little conditioning.

So, yesterday at the trade show, I asked local hair expert Lincoln Wang of BOSS Beauty Supply-and he said-no, it didn’t make sense to combine the steps, because shampoo opens the cuticle, and conditioner closes it.

Sort of leaves your hair confused.

Life is confusing enough.

So, H club, please increase the shower pressure in the name of quick grooming and non-confused hair everywhere?!