Looks Like Half A Snowball – Konjac Facial Scrub Pad

I remember when I was 13 or so and though I didn’t have zits, I imagined I did, or at least my Mom would buy me those beautiful Neutrogena clear glycerin bars.

She also would buy the little scrubby pad that was like sort of like a net, but more abrasive.

When I think back, there were all sorts of things Mom would get me though I didn’t really need-but I would use nonetheless.

So, I’m tooling around The Face Shoppe-a cool Korean cosmetics and skincare boutique that has all sorts of cool this and thats.

What they are most known for are their cloth facial masks that make you look like Freddie from Halloween – but make your skin moist and smooth.

I am tactile. I like to touch things, and even in the age of germs, I do so anyway. So I’m waiting to check out and I’m squishing this thing.

It turns out it is a wash pad made out of konjac root-or to Japanese -konnyakku-a fibrous, jelly-like rubbery health food.  Even in the package I can see it is moist.

After cleansing with Cerave’, a reader’s high recommend for sensitive skins, I gently rub the squishy snowball on my skin in circular motions.  I’m not one for scrubbing or rubbing with vigor when it comes to my face so..it’s pretty mild.

I’ve used this nifty little thing for a week now, and I, person who lives for the next new facial cream, have to say my skin is softer. Much softer.

Even Dr. T said my skin was looking really good the other day-she looks at me pretty close up and I trust her opinion.

So-for $5-why not? Smoother skin and an amusing shape and play toy.