I Vote for CocoNut Pas Deux

Seriously, I had a rash from nerves aka hives for most of last year. To the point the bf started saying I should go to the doc. (He says this knowing how much I don’t like going to the doc unless I am bleeding, not breathing, or otherwise in dire straits).

So, I started using Island Soap’s Creamy Coconut body lotion a few weeks ago, mostly because I like the smell of coconut, and because the guy selling it said it helped him clear up a skin condition.

Lo and  behold, the rash is cleared up, and the affected skin is healing nicely.  I had called my dermo for an appointment before the end of the year to avoid having to start paying down a new deductible, and as of the end of last week, I no longer needed him and cancelled.

It’s amazing-and a high recommend. Check it out at Island Soap and Candleworks at Ward Warehouse or online at honolulusoap.com.