Long and Skinny-The Perfect Brush and Eye Pencil Holder

Seriously, I start most of my posts with Seriously–

I just went through the brush/stuff holder from the last GWP, and I kind of had to stuff my foundation brush in, but I made it.

But, stuffing stuff in like brushes, eye pencils, mascara – the long skinny stuff-was kind of difficult to do since the way they made the zipper made the slot smaller than the length of the holder.

Plus it got dirty fast with all the stuff.

So, I’m tooling along in Fisher-our warehouse paper supply store and I check out the pencil cases for kids in school. I’ve done this before, but found that the cases are just as junk as the ones I get as a gwp.

But the other day, I found what I think is ultra perfection.  It’s a pencil case for kids, that zips from the top-so it’s easy access.  photo

Plus all of my brushes fit-except for my large fluffy brush for foundation powder.

School days, schools days hmmmmhhmmhmmhmmm