ZZZZ-Beauty Masking While You Sleep

The first sleeping mask I tried was from Korres-I love the smell of roses anyway, and their very wonderful sleeping mask had the whitening power of roses plus extra vitamin C.

Like many things, I go through one jar then look for something else-cuz-I’m fickle.

I was in the Korean cosmetic store called “The Face Shop” and came upon Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask.  I squirted a bit out, and decided to try it.

Now mind you, all the salespeople in the store are under 30 years old, and have great skin, plus they have access to all of the product. So, I take their recommendations with a grain of salt.

I’ve tried the sleeping mask a few times and the verdict for me is-it leaves my skin dry in the morning. A bad sign for me. If the product were working, I’d keep going but it’s not to be.

As a side note, the packaging is odd–if you have every tried Bedhead’s After Party hair smoothing product, you know what I mean.  Raspberry Roots is in a dainty container, but take off the cap and the dispenser is a little, er…graphic. It’s about that sized too.

Another product I had-Flebote moisturizing serum, did not have the special graphic design, but an odd almost triangular top. However, the sides are not even, so you have to put the cap on with some effort toward matching the correct edges.

Geez-I’ll get a couple of lines just getting the product closed!