Michelle, My Bell-MyChelle Sun Shield Unscented SPF28

In my ongoing search for sunscreen, I was cruising around Whole Foods, and a woman was sampling in the beauty products aisle. I wasn’t overly interested, but I took a sample anyway.

Lo and behold-I put on the product, the first morning, just a little dab around my eye area, and no sting!

Then today, I got more aggressive, and still not stinging or tearing!

This is a zinc oxide and titanium oxide based sunscreen. It appears to dry pretty transparent, though it comes out as a medium thick paste, but it smooths on pretty easily so no skin tugging.

I used Face Shoppe’s Sun Flower Cream for awhile, and am using up the bottle, but after awhile my eyes got sensitive to it. Yesterday I was in the Korean competitor’s Natural Republic and tried their product–reminds me of the Clarin’s SPF40. Very thin liquid, that dries smooth. Kiehl’s and some others have a liquid, but they have a gritty feel to the product.

As an aside, the sales girls in Natural Republic were fairly knowledgable, but not as enthusiastic as the girls in The Face Shoppe. There is less sales press in the latter as well.