Korean Sunscreens-Nature Republic v. TonyMoly

As time goes on, I suspect more Korean beauty stores to open in Hawaii.  Nature Republic and The Face Shoppe opened in the last 5 years, and TonyMoly set up shop in Palama Supermarket-a Korean supermarket with vendor boutiques.

I’m on Korean sunscreen #3-I had tried The Face Shoppes-Sunflower Super Perfect sunscreen which I liked a lot, but when applied to my eyelids, stung.

More recently, I found Nature Republic at Ala Moana Shopping Center.  I had seen an ad in the holiday guide but because the location of the store was not in the ad, had no idea where it was in the center.  I stumbled upon the store when I parked in that area, which is a rare occasion.

The Nature Republic product-UV Lock Flower, is a non-chemical sun liquid, that has a very similar consistency to my beloved Clarins’ Spf 40. It is very light and goes in quickly-it does leave a little bit of a white sheen, much like the Clarins product. I like this because it brightens my face.

I was looking for a peach flavored soft drink I first had in the old Palama Supermarket when I visited a couple of weeks ago.

Didn’t find the drink, but I did discover one of my ballet friends worked at TonyMoly. I had tried their Green Apple mask and loved it, so I was willing to try something else.

Kay turned me on to the UV Sunset Aqua Sun Gel, SPF 30, PA++, a mineral oil-free gel with a watery texture that leaves no sticky feeling behind.

Left to translation but in english is “Morning Dew Complex” which must be its secret.

The product smells nice, and somehow seals in moisture so my face feels pretty good most of the day.

It does say avoid contact with the eyes.

But I put it on anyway. It doesn’t sting them.

I love this product-a high recommend.