It Just Doesn’t Fit-Trying on Shiseido

I like Shiseido products I really do, and it was a long time before I bought their products because of my limited income, and then I as wooed away by others when I could.

The Beneficance Wrinkle24 Eye Resist caught my eye first-I really loved it, so when Shiseido had a a gift with purchase, I plunged forward.

I bought the Softener and the Creamy Cleanser.

I’m a Clarin’s Toning Lotion kind of gal-never had a problem with it, love that there is no alcohol and it’s gentle.

So rethinking it, reading some rave reviews and consideration of the price, I decided the $58 price tag was just too much more than the $20 something I pay for a product I love.

So I took it back to Windward Mall Macys. The girl was nice enough–I decided to try the Neck Contour Cream which was sold out so it was delivered to my door.

It was like living through the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream again!

The product did not smooth on and I felt like it dragged on my skin.

I took that back. I purchased the Benifiance Moisturizer Cream with SPF18. Hardly enough spf for Hawaii-but I like the smell, the cream is light, and works ok, though my expectations for anything more than just moisture are low.

So, I used the original creamy cleanser about 6 times-one pump or two pumps depending, and it is supposed to tissue or rinse off. In the end the product left too much of a greasy feel and..

I took it back.

I got the UV Environmental SPF 50-it has moisture so it is a little thick.  When I applied to my face it makes it pretty white-tho I don’t think that’s a bad thing.


I’ll probably take it back.



A Hairy Contract-Customer’s Are Free Agents

I’ve been thinking about this in my head for a few months and am ready to write about the topic.

To be direct-why are hair stylists territorial about their customers?

I know gfs who have gone to the same person for pretty much their whole lifetimes. I envy that.

Me, I probably change every couple of years. I’m gun shy in many ways-I’ve been the recipient of a non-requested mullet from 3 stylists who were having a bad day, a fight with their person, or otherwise.

I’ve read in many women’s magazines about how hairstylists feel when they see a customer go to someone else-saying that the customer never gave them a reason why. The customers just slip away and never make another appointment.

Read the tea leaves.

But I’m speaking for myself and this is a build up of years

1) If you are going to add a service, let me know how much it will cost so I can make an informed decision. (Ok this is actually related to a facialist who tells me she is doing something,without asking, and then adds $30 on to my bill).

2) If you are raising rates. Tell me. Don’t surprise me with a bill that is $20 more than what I am used to paying with no explanation.

3) If you want the assistant to do anything more than shampoo my hair. Ask me. I’m not paying your rate for them to do everything and you don’t touch my head. Offer me a lower rate if the apprentice is going to do everything.

4) I’m a customer. I like a personal touch. This is about my personal look-e-everything doesn’t work for me; from reminder texts to scheduling.

5) If you are having a bad day-and not going to snap out of it, let me make a decision to reschedule.

6) If I want to go to someone else for a hair cut or a color, and I still come to you for the other, goodie for me that I get what I want. Goodie for you that you still have business from me.

7) Sometimes I’m just bored and looking for a new flavor.

8) Referrals are gifts and my vote of confidence. More than a couple of times I’ve referred people and they come back to me with a story I don’t want to hear and I feel responsible.

9) Provide a clean restroom.

10) Clean your brushes, scissors and other things that you use on me. It’s gross. Yuck.

Customer loyalty is not rocket science. Treat me well-with the exception of #7, I’ll probably stay.









A Barre’ By Any Other Name

I’ve taken ballet for 8 years-which when you do the math, means I started in my 40s.

At the Honolulu Club they jumped on the trend and added “barre” class, where people use the ballet barre to prop themselves up.

I took the class from two people to date. One a dancer, and the other the person had dance training. Their classes were good. A lot of forced arches and some plies, but definitely not a ballet class in the classical sense. And I think the teachers who dance/dancers wouldn’t dream of making people believe otherwise.

Rather, this is a class where you develop your core so you can eventually hold yourself up without the assistance of the barre. Doing leg raises(like degage’s and battements) are also included to raise the butt muscles.

The other day at the Honolulu Club, the new Japanese national teacher, (kind of attitudinal) taught her “bootie barre” class. I didn’t take it, I admit that, but I’ve been taking any sort of class for so many years, like everybody else, you can judge a class pretty well by just watching it.

I think the trend is worth developing-but why not just call it standing pilates?

It’s not like people go around calling an apple an orange afterall.








Seriously? Dinged For Living In Paradise

I moved here 27 years ago.

A “beef” that Hawaii people have with ordering online is that shipping rates to Hawaii are extremely expensive.


Like we live on the other side of the world and we are often treated like we are not part of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Ridiculous to think that oftentimes the fine print on the shipping says”rates good for shipping within the continental US.”

But they don’t tell you this until you’ve given up your credit card and filled out all the proper forms.

Many times I just vote with my fingers and I hit the delete. It’s not worth it to pay the extra penalty charge US online stores pay for living in Hawaii.

I’ve ordered from companies in the UK-and seriously, I don’t pay any more coming from across the world.

It’s not like any sort of mail or package isn’t coming by air to Hawaii.  It’s not 30 years ago when we got out news on reels that were 2 weeks old by the time they got here-this foreign company aka Hawaii.

Why am I upset over this?

I recently tried to order a product from Clarins USA-when anyone else in the CONTINENTAL US orders from the .com. they are privy to many more product samples and gifts.

And, if you live in the continuous states, you get FREE SHIPPING.

But for Hawaii?

No way.

Unless you want to pay the extra shipping fee of $15 for what would fit in a small flat rate box.I’m totally willing to pay a reasonable cost-but $15 vs $5 is a big difference.

Clarins USA is blaming their contract with UPS for the exorbitant charges.

But seriously, why would a company ignore a state of 1.3 million people, 50% are female, and plus 50% are over 50 years old? Perfect target demographic for their products.

I don’t get it.

It’s time for them to negotiate their contract with UPS-it’s hard to believe they are so behind the times and not competitive.


7/3/14 – By way of update, I called Clarins customer “care” service in NYC 2 weeks ago and I have not heard any thing from them. Sad.