A Barre’ By Any Other Name

I’ve taken ballet for 8 years-which when you do the math, means I started in my 40s.

At the Honolulu Club they jumped on the trend and added “barre” class, where people use the ballet barre to prop themselves up.

I took the class from two people to date. One a dancer, and the other the person had dance training. Their classes were good. A lot of forced arches and some plies, but definitely not a ballet class in the classical sense. And I think the teachers who dance/dancers wouldn’t dream of making people believe otherwise.

Rather, this is a class where you develop your core so you can eventually hold yourself up without the assistance of the barre. Doing leg raises(like degage’s and battements) are also included to raise the butt muscles.

The other day at the Honolulu Club, the new Japanese national teacher, (kind of attitudinal) taught her “bootie barre” class. I didn’t take it, I admit that, but I’ve been taking any sort of class for so many years, like everybody else, you can judge a class pretty well by just watching it.

I think the trend is worth developing-but why not just call it standing pilates?

It’s not like people go around calling an apple an orange afterall.