Wonderful (Robert) Williams-YSL Top Secret Natural Action Exfoliator

Hawaii has a lot of desirable retails stores that opened since I moved back here in 1986.

When I was a really single, very independent person-I traveled to San Francisco on a regular basis.  Just a couple of days-it was when air fare was pretty reasonable-roundtrip going for $240 or so, and hotel reasonably cheap at the Donatello for under $200 a night most times.

A lot of the rationale for that travel was the fact Hawaii did not have many stores-but like I said, now we have about everything so when I go back I spend my time in stores we don’t have (yet).

I was tooling around Westfield Center-I’m too lazy a shopper to do more than one branch of a shopping center at a time-and smartly so, Bloomingdales has their cosmetics and shoe department on the first accessible floor.

I was rounding the edges of the makeup section and I heard someone call out when I passed the YSL counter.

YSL is one of those brands that I typically don’t check out, because not even knowing the prices, I think they are out of my mental limit. The association with designer haute couture or something like that.


The first thing that struck me about Robert Williams of YSL, was how beautiful his skin is. He’s not a youngster, but his skin had a dewiness and a look of moisture without any obvious cosmetic help.

I absolutely hate going to counters where the salespeople can’t give real testimony to how well the products work, especially when it ain’t working for them. I went to Dior in Macys, and the woman told me how well the Dior Magic worked on her brown spots-but clearly, to me, it wasn’t working and she had a lot of foundation on. Not like a sheer foundation, and I know she’s supposed to be selling foundation, but…..

Seriously salespeople, just because I dress really casually, you should never ever treat a customer like you are better than they are and they can’t afford your products.

Take a note from the luxury car salespeople-the most hema jang dressed people are usually the ones that will buy with the least hassle.


Robert told me the secret to his skincare routine was exfoliation-he uses YSL Top Secret Natural Exfoliator.

He demonstrated the product on my hand-the gold flecked infused gel goes on a bit thick at first, but after gently swirling around, it liquefies.  Robert’s further instruction, which I know from my Korean friends, is to tap the product into the skin to help stimulate the skin.

The second step in his routine is Malin+Goetz 10% glycolic acid pads. This is actually a men’s skincare product, and knowing that men’s facial skin is a bit thicker, proceed with that in mind.

The 10% glycolic pads are used after the YSL to further exfoliate the skin on a deeper level. Over time glycolic acid will help lighten brown spots and encourage cell turnover which means-dewy skin and a skin surface that will accept skin care more readily, and color products will go on smoothly.

The pads are gently applied with a sort of tap and press instead of scrubbing the skin like those neutrogena pads from when you were a teenager with zits. I think the other brand was Clearasil?

I find that my skin is smoother after using the product.  I don’t always use the glycolic pads-but I apply my Retin A after the first step.

What’s more the prices of both products are reasonable too–the YSL is only $44, and the pads were $48 at Bloomingdales.

In comparison I had purchased some pads from Sephora-Dr Jart(?) and 10 pads were $20!

It’s like men’s clothes-they are often made better and less expensive. What’s up with that?

I think I’ve found my dream product for exfoliation in the YSL!