Crush Me with Color – Stila Crush Lip and Cheek Stain

Watching Lisa Eldridge’s makeup videos have set me off on a jaunt to try some of the products she uses.

On the to do list still are Chanel D-Ombre eye shadow in #82 and Infallible Eye Color in White.  She used both of these on asian models so more so I am interested.

The overall category of search was for liquid blush. The By Terry blush is online only and a little pricey, and Sephora does not carry the MakeUp Forever liquid either.  

In Sephora, I was walking around and was checking out Josie Maran’s cream blush, which is really a gel with a more solid texture.  When you sample it-it is thicker than a gel, but thinner than a cream. The color goes on very sheer. 

The other option that the makeup artist/salesperson suggested was Stila’s Crush Lip and Cheek Stains.

In exactly the same packaging as their lip glosses, you twist up the product which comes out on a stiff brush. You can put the brush directly on your skin/lips, or apply with fingers. 

But it is a stain so probably not.

I use the brush and then a foundation brush to blend it in quickly.

Lisa Eldridge suggests liquid blush as they go on sheer–put them on just after your foundation is drying but not tried.

I mentioned them to my hair stylist and she said, she had purchased one of Stila’s glosses and they got stink.

So, I went back and smelled it. It smells like the name so far – Passion Fruit. Sort of sour sweet fruity?

So we’ll see.

I think I’ll go back and try the Josie Maran product tho.