Tre Tre Estee! Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Eye Pencil

If it’s hard is it good?

But too soft isn’t good either.


Duh-where are your minds?!

Liner pencils are the easiest way to line your eyes.

I did gel liners with the cream and the brush for awhile-but got bored and lazy.(As usual).

One day at the gym, a woman I’ve known for many years, sat there with her gel liner, really put on too thick. She’s always been a makeup glutton like myself, but this, like her navy blue liner that she wore with a navy blue striped shirt many years ago, just made her look crazy and deranged.

In a good way I mean-no I’m not being catty!

Of late I like Clarin’s Crayon Kohl Pencil, Trish McEvoy’s Gel Liner and now Estee.

I actually really like the Clarin’s pencil-it is smooth, and I like the navy blue. It goes on soft and does not  drag on the eye-a key criterion.

Trish’s pencil-is actually gel liner in a stick. You can take a liner brush and scrape off a bit of product and make a line with the brush, or use the pencil. In the Trish vids, she says to only use this product between your lashes, not as a liner, technically speaking of course.

Trish sticks are aubergine and black only. I got bored with it already. But before I forget, here’s a dis on the pencil. When the color runs down a bit, the wood is very rough and the edges are like the tip of a broken school no 2 pencil. Ouch! Again, I think this is the case of a good product in a cheap case, like her lip liner. The lip liner case problem is the top split in two after a couple of uses – so it’s capless in Honolulu.

So the reason I bought the liner from Estee is-faced with wanting the GWP and not really buying much of their products, I just bought something I needed.  I bought two to make the spend, and really

I am quite happy with the product.

I pretty much just line between the lashes, and a thick Audrey Hep line on the top into a cat eye. Post-ballet, it’s all in place-I guess that’s what they mean by Double-Wear.

But the gift itself was meh. I like her lipsticks because they smell like cherry-roses, but the colors were pretty pedestrian-I know they have to be a crowd pleaser for a GWP. The shadows are on their way to the trash. The mascara is pretty good tho.


As for the navy blue-I dunno, maybe I look like a crazy cat eyed lady too!