In A World-Trish McEvoy Brushes

I just watched this movie on Netflix about the movie trailer voiceover people who start the trailer with “In a world…”.

In a world where most of the products I have tried from Trish McEvoy produced mediocre results-especially her eye primer and concealer products which were cakey-there is a bright spot.

And it’s a bright spot that I’ve already known for years–say that again YEARS.

When I’ve been at the Trish counter before I ever bought anything more than her gel liner, I’ve remarked to the salesperson, I like the brushes.

I remember when I first bought two ancient Trish brushes, No 10 and

I was in San Francisco on a shopping trip with then friend, and in Saks Fifth Avenue department store. Pretty much then, as is now, I like the store but have never purchased anything more than makeup products and didn’t venture further than the 1st floor.  If I did it was to tag along with then friend.

I don’t know what has changed, but my last visit I spent a good amount of time in the lofty floors above the make up dept.


This happened in the realm of 20+ years ago when I bought these two Trish brushes.  I have kept them cleaned, using gentle cleansers-most of the time the same as I use on my face, and drying them flat.

I put them away in favor of the new flavor of the moment brush so I’ve had them 20+ years but use them when I feel like it.

But now that I use cream shadow-I am using the small flat brush NO. 25  to pat the Chanel Ilusion D’Ombre over Nars Eye Primer.  I use the brush to put on the initial layer of color on my lid and a little on my crease, then use my Laura Mercier,  Finishing Brush to blend in the color in my crease and feather it out.

When I am feeling really casual but need a little color I use the No. 10-which is like a small flat paint brush to sweep on a neutral eye brightening color like Bobbi Brown’s Shell–which is the look-alike color of the Strange base color in Urban Decay’s Nakeds #3 palette.

I wouldn’t say that some things get better with age-but more like some things always stay the same. As my most recent brush purchase from Trish was about the same time I bought the other products, which is a cool eyeliner brush that the demonstration of by the product specialist had me thinking about it.

So I went back later and bought it.

I figure if anything makes me contemplate it that much, I should buy it and relieve myself of the wondering about it time. I use this brush occasionally. I like to use it with cream stick shadows or even with Trish gel eyeliner because they are so soft and this brush has just the right amount of stiffness to draw a nice line while not dragging on the eyelid skin.

I have a bunch of Bobbi Brown brushes which I use faithfully like her brow brush-but I’ve had it in the range of 6 years and it is disintegrating.

So the moral of the story–In a world where competition is fierce for great products, those who win are the ones who stick with their core.







When Clumps Are Good-Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara

I know that some makeup artists purposely make mascara clumpy for a grungy thick lash look for magazine and runway. Or very young teens first trying makeup, (hopefully not knowing any better), pile on black mascara for a dramatic dark look with way too much black liner I might add.

When I was a very young teen, blue shadow was still in fashion, and I think I didn’t even use mascara at the time-just the blue eye shadow. Used to come in crayon sticks in pastel colors of baby blue, a light meadow green as I recall- I think maybe made by cover girl. Wore it with Lemon scented “perfume” which later came in strawberry too.

I forget the name of the spray but if I put it up for question on Chofu Rules! facebook page, somebody would remember.  I later graduated to Jovan musk oil at the tender age of 12-way too much sensuality I think. Anything with a man and woman shown cuddling on the package is probably PG-13.


I was discussing makeup with fav brow artist, Stacie at Marsha Nadalin at Kahala Mall and she told me she liked a certain brand of mascara because it came off in “clumps”.

I never really noticed that washable came off in clumps – but that is a great way to describe it.

Over my many unfaithful years of being supplied with mascara via samples in whatever gwp-I’ve tried Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Dior, etc etc etc., I would use the ones I like until they were dried in the tube, and others were meh, so they got thrown back into the makeup graveyard only to be tossed in a makeup feng shei moment.

One of the ones I liked of late and actually bought is Trish McEvoy’s High Volume Mascara in Jet Black.  As I mentioned previously, almost everything from my Trish kit was c-ap. I like the skinny brush – I only do one coat of mascara, so the first swipe has to do the job.

But having used it up, I started using my Bobbi sample of Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara. Makes my lashes really dark and bushy, but it’s hard to remove with my beloved Cerave Facial Cleanser. And because it won’t come off with my cleanser it leaves spludgy black marks that are difficult to remove even with a makeup remover cloth. It smears in ballet class too-how embarassing to be walking around like that.

It was right about then I went to see Stacie and realized that what I liked about the Trish mascara was the easy removal. Lazy to go to Ala Moana Shopping Center because of it’s major construction of Bloomingdales wing and a condo over Nordstrom, I meter out my visits.

So, I am there one day because L’Occitane does not ship flat rate to Hawaii and I liked a gwp offer.  Traversing through Neiman’s the most empty side of the shopping center parking lot because it is without shade and other reasons…I stop by the Trish counter.

The Japanese sales girl was very giggly and didn’t know which mascara I wanted, but because Trish has only two, one in a gold tube, it was easy to figure out which one was the High Volume.  The one in the gold tube which was also in the kit, Dramatic Lash mascara, is guilty of the spludge. Because the packaging is so beautiful, I have not thrown it out -it is simply resting in the makeup graveyard at the moment.

So, I’m pretty happy with Trish mascara at the moment-because sometimes clumps are good.