Splat! Shiseido Spf 30 Package Fail

There are some things the bf is particular about like not having any funky things in the sink or having every last drop of water wiped up around the kitchen, and then there is the mirror…

Technically it is my area so I rule. And what I say goes. Meaning I over ride what he wants.

Much like the tv remote which we have dubbed the “sceptre”.

When in the living room it is his sceptre.

In the bedroom it is my sceptre and we watch what I want.

One of those over rides is my make up vanity.

In the beginning of time-I told him I didn’t like the housekeeper to mess w my area.

I won’t say exactly why-but I just don’t like exposing my personal stuff to outsiders.

Kind of like not wearing bowling alley shoes.

Anyway. I know gross.

So I inherited my suggested replacement sunscreen for the reformulated Clinique super defense that he bought and did not like. Clinique changed their formula and reduced the Spf to 20 from 25. No big deal but they also do not offer it in a normal to dry formula anymore either.

The shiseido product is a light liquid but it is a little heavier than the clarins spf 40 I use which has a screw cap. The shieseido packaging snaps shut, which you would think would be pretty secure so the product wouldn’t seep out.

But that’s not how it works.

When you dispense the product, a well around the cap retains some of the fluid.

So when I snap the cap shut the product splatters all over the mirror.

At first I did not realize where the spots came from-but when I was cleaning up I noticed that the shiseido bottle had product running down the sides.

Now even when I consciously try to not splat,the faulty packaging makes me splat even when I am trying very hard not to.

He doesn’t say anything tho.

So all is right in the world.

And I still have my sceptre.


I could get into a rant about faulty packaging but Trish McEvoy kind of owns that territory.


The Fight Against Walmart Hair – Kitoko Nutri-Restore Line

I recently switched from PM Shine Gloss which was introduced to me by Hillary J of Winam Studio, to full fledged color.

It was a scary transition because my hair was a mess until I started using gloss.

And gloss plus good hair products kept my hair in great condition for a long time.

But product junky that I am…

Plus, the gloss wasn’t covering my grays as well – and since my grays are in the middle and side parts where everybody notices grow out–I needed a new option.

So far, the color totally works-and I am going a little lighter with the color but gradually.  The color is not applied to my whole head, just my roots plus 4 inches or so down the hair shaft.

I was speaking to a nice lady at BOSS supply, and we talked about how long having dark hair on an aging face and body, made sense and didn’t look odd.

That was a good point – because my gloss shade was pretty much my natural color-but as I approach double-nickels, I thought I’d lighten it up.

This was tried before with highlights and lighter gloss, but from my point of view I ended up looking like a calico with the grow out-black, red and white-calico right?


My fear of getting the horrible dried out frizzy looking hair you see in Walmart horror photos is being addressed with a new cocktail of Kitoko Nutri-Restore products.

I did not realize when I picked up the Cleanser and Balm from BOSS that the shampoo was sudless.  Kind of like those Wen products I guess.

I was expecting a huge lather-but it never appeared.  In fact, I added another squeeze of cleanser and still nothing.  Yet, I felt like my hair was being cleaned.

The balm was much thinner and pretty normal.

I figured I used the PH-Restore product first after towel-drying, followed by Neuma Tangle-Free with UV protection.

Add a dollop of my beloved Orange-Creamsicle-smelling Neuma Styling Cream-and ready for the blow dry plus Neusmooth Illuminating Mist.

I know it’s a lot – but three color treatments later-my hair is in spectaular shape.

I’m sorry I have to say – it’s as great as when I was in 7th grade and had hair down to my jeans pockets-shiny, smooth and no frizzies.

How I do miss those days when I just used Wella Balsam or Fabrege Organics or other $2 shampoo Mom bought me and out the door.


Taming the Frizzies-Neuma NeuSmooth Illuminating Shine

You’d think with all of the oil based products there would be a lot more people walking around with oily stringy hair.

A problem we avoided as younger people-that being oily hair-so it’s ironic that we seek out oil as our older selves.

BOSS Beauty Supply often sells their products in trios–like the Neuma Shampoo, Conditioner and something usually a finish treatment as the third.

A typical cocktail trio

I changed up my moisture formula in the blue bottles with the volume formula in the orangy-rust colored bottles-and it turns out they work great.

Since the big M, my hair had gotten extremely dry and the cocktail of Neuma Moisture shampoo and conditioner plus kitoko oil, plus only doing gloss to cover my gray was the road back from a color-treated frizzy mess.

I wash my hair every day-mostly because I just like fresh hair, and contrary to others, my hair is not better on the second day. So, when contemplating something new, Lincoln’s staff told me the volume formula works very well and still gives moisture.

As some people know I’m Janey come-lately, and I tried flat-ironing my hair to get that glossy look, but when honesty is applied, I am way too lazy to take that much time on my hair.

Instead, after blow-drying, I take a couple of shots of the Neuma Illuminating Mist and rake it through my hair.  Because I always have to drive somewhere, I take this time to “set” my hair. 

Then my secret to non-frizzy hair, which won’t work for people who like a really polished look, but is great for a slight controlled beachy wave, is to first twist my hair, then use a scrunchy or hair rubber band and make a low bun.

It actually looks chic, with a low side part, but if I am going to an appointment, as I drive up I take out the rubber band and rake my fingers through my hair again.

It’s a lot easier than using a flat-iron and twisting and flipping and all that.

I like it easy-life’s complicated enough.