I’m Somebody’s Mom-How Old Do They Think I Am?

There’s that moment in time when you realize and it is CONFIRMED that you are not the young hot babe you thought you were.

I got my new DVF dress a few days ago and I was hot to wear it with my high heel sandals, high pony and plum lips.

I reach into my gymbag and keep reaching.

I have to walk out in my shower slippers.

And such like that the rest of the day where ever I went.

I went to visit my client, and it’s kind of a end of the day just checkin in kind of visit.

The neighbor business are also on the younger side guys as is my client.

They wave him over and he comes back—

“They want to know if you are my Mom?”

I don’t get mad, but I sputter away thinking it must be the slippers. If I was in heels.


It obviously depends which target audience you are putting yourself in.

If I walk by any group of guys under 35, then hey I’m their Mom and I am invisible.

The more hair, lip, heel,dress I wear the more attention I get from 35-45. Which I think of them as pups so it’s just a nice vote of confidence.

But for guys my age and up.

I could wear a paper sack.

Have my hair in pony scrunchy bun.

Be in shorts and slippers.

Is it because they just appreciate me as I am?

A well-preserved 50+?

I like to think so.