Third World or Fourth? Beauty Products From Places Beyond

If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck – is it a duck?

Question I ponder when I get samples from Ipsy that are labeled PRC, Made in China or anywhere that far east.

Save Japan and Korea-when it comes to beauty products, I wonder what is in that?

Some of us have seen those news reports about bootlegged beauty products- you know in the makeup supply stores you find a MAC cosmetic for cheapo. Maybe you rationalize that the product is last season or a little past the expiration date, but if the news is accurate, the products may be made in less than sanitary conditions in China, and the products may be more than just dirty-they may contain dangerous components like LEAD.

I wrote IPSY after getting nearly an entire sample bag with products from China. They must have listened because the next month they sent only one product from the PRC.

What? In some world, PRC is not the People’s Republic of China?