Penalized in Paradise-UPS-Clarins and Fresh

First of all, let me say that I love Clarins’ and Fresh products – most of them at least.

However, the treatment of Hawaii as a nation unto itself, is simply outrageous.

Both companies, including one or two others I have purchased items from, use UPS.

When I see free shipping offers from either company, in my dreams, I imagine that they have finally twisted the arm(s) of their UPS account executive and have succeeded where other companies have been successful.

I sent the same email to Clarins and Fresh this morning.


There are two points to make about UPS-

The negotiated rate charged to ship to Hawaii is outrageous and unreasonable – other companies are able to negotiate palatable rates – but $20, that’s too much.

UPS’ service to Hawaii customers is atrocious. Hawaii Yelp complaints about UPS are in the minus stars category.  My own UPS experience includes the driver blocking my car in my driveway, forcing me to stop and sign for a package by shoving the signing thing in my face.

The other UPS bad experience is the driver will leave packages with neighbors, who in turn leave the packages outside, because they are not aware of the contents.

It would be great if you would expeditiously review your relationship with your shipping choice.


Just to let you know, my relationships with my neighbors are fine, but one is a little “different” and that’s who UPS leaves the packages with to be left outside.

In any case, I got a call from Fresh about 10 minutes after I sent off the above email.

Seriously, the conversation only supported my observation that Hawaii customers are being treated as insignificant. “Corporate”, “We are a large company” etc. etc etc.

Et cetera

Et cetera

Et cetera

I got a generic customer service em from Clarins this am. Don’t expect any response.

I don’t know if they feel that “we are having a meeting about it” is salvo for the slight.

Maybe I’m just feeling a little salty this morning from the impending vog-but seriously, why?