A Drugstore Alternative- Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream

I don’t know about you guys but as much as I like to use luxury products with promises of skin like an infant’s, I question the price of the pursuit.

I tell the lady at the beauty counter, there is a limit to the craziness and not withstanding Revive’s products, I’m not interesting in spending more than $150 a jar for moisturizing anything.

So, Neutrogena has been hitting the mags and television hard for their new Hydro Boost Gel Cream which is hyularonic acid, a naturally occurring moisturizer that your own body makes.

But, as you age, like thick hair and firm taut abs, you lose it.

Reasonably priced in Longs/CVS – a 1.7 oz jar is $20.99.

It’s quite maddening when I google the product and I find out it is way cheaper at Walmart for $15.19.

But probably not in Hawaii Walmarts.


I purchased the extra dry formula, because I like to hedge my bets.

The product has a slight not unpleasant fragrance and it’s not a gel or a cream. Rather it reminds me of the cornstarch base for lemon pudding for meringue pie.  Sorry if you are not a fellow baker for the visual but the other visual was something that comes out of your nose.

The feel is thick yet light.

I usually apply it over serum, or on bare skin.

This product is definitely moisturizing and the real test is how long it remains moist.

All day.

Once applied, I don’t feel I need to dab on the moisturizer I carry around in my bag.  Even on a hot dry day.

So, as long as it is on sale, I told myself, why not try the eye product?

Not as good as the gel cream, so save your money, but try out this the gel cream.

I bought a second jar!