IPSY-Beware PRC Product Samples

Ok-I’m exaggerating.

But after 2 messages to the company and a back and forth with customer service, I again received a sample made in the PRC.

No dis on China-but I’m just a little paranoid about the stories about lead in the color products and other sorts of manufacturing shortcuts and cost cutting ingredients in PRC aka Chinese products.

In any case, this month I received another lip product made in the PRC. Last month when I asked about this, I was informed that the products sample companies were carefully researched and considered high quality.

Really, am I five years old and easily placated by customer service-speak?

I think not.

Please note that I said the product sample companies were researched not the products. I seriously doubt that Ipsy requires the hundreds of companies to provide product ingredient breakdowns, FDA approval etc.

Still, having the Ipsy subscription has helped my new product addiction-to search and buy just because it’s fun.

So far, the only products I’ve really liked are the brushes. I did like an IT brow pencil in this months’ bag too. Product Details

However, the sample was probably just a 1/4 inch of product in a travel sized aluminum type applicator with a spooly brush.

Seems expensive to give a sample so measly in a casing that seems costly.

The case must have been made in China.