To Sag or Not to Sag? NUFACE by NUFACE

I’m pretty slow to buy devices of any kind.  I had my original blow dryer for at least a decade before it wore out.  I didn’t have a flat iron until years into the super straight trend.

And I still don’t own a Clarisonic tho I bought my mom the Clinique face cleanser.

I’ve been searching for a fix short of botox for the “bunny” wrinkles that affect the inner corner of my eyes. Surfing the net for keywords phrases – vertical wrinkles, lines in inner corners of eye etc. I did not find a solution.

Having a gift card in hand, and my weekly browsing session onscreen, the NUFACE skin system was one of the device selections ( I was actually looking at the Clarisonics).

Years ago I went Dr Wong, a well known plastics guy.  I was pitching him for some ad sales, and he pitched me NuSkin.  Which is very similar to NuFace.  In any case he expertly did the demonstration on one side of my face and showed me the difference.

I was amazed. Tho because the serums and device are pretty pricey I passed.

True to form, years later, I decided to blow my whole gift card and them some on the NuFace after reading reviews on the internet.  I decided against buying the extra eye and lip attachment or the cheaper mini device based on the reviews.

I have to say, though at first I was my usual intensive user, with more casual once a day use, the bunny wrinkles are lessening. With a good eye cream, sunscreen and usage of the device it all works together to produce results.

I would say that the way I use is it off label tho. I put the device in the center above my nose but below my brow bone and hold for 5 seconds, 3 times.  Then I do around my eyelids and under my eyes.

I know it’s used for pulling up jowls and what else, but I mostly use it for my eye area.

And I’d say it works.