Hi-Brow-Luxury v Sephora

If you haven’t noticed brows are having a moment.  Many younger trendy women are sporting thick, almost bushy brows, which are wild yet polished–an update of Brooke Shields’ big-brow’s of the 70’s when Calvin Klein was in.

Now that I have my classic, high-arch brow shape under control courtesy of Stacie at Marsha Nadalin, I’ve been in search of the perfect brow color and formula.

Before I ever laid a brow pencil or powder to my own, I used to wonder why older asian ladies would have reddish brown marks in their eyebrow area.  My own mother, and her sister followed the same – straight, slightly-upward angled brow of the 00’s? My mom is of the ilk that she doesn’t leave the house without brows and lipstick-always,

In fact, that’s pretty much what most ladies will say when asked. Here and there there may be an add-on like myself, I have to have mascara on, and probably some tight liner. Then there are the girls who wear eyelashes everyday-which I admire, cuz I could get an eyelash on by myself If someone paid me!

In any case.

Maybe 6 months ago, I was running low on my Laura Mercier pencil which is in an ash-blonde color even tho I have pretty black-brown hair. It’s pretty much the best color after I softened my look up from using Bobbi Brown’s Mahogany eye shadow for brow powder.

So, the salesgirl finds that she is out of my color, and offers a color that is close, but not the same.

Maybe months later, I try it on, and my mirror is right by natural daylight, and to my horror, I have that weird reddish-brown color ala Maybelliene.  (You know, it’s those two red pencils that double as brow and eyeliner-which by the way are too hard to use on your eyelids).

I applied some powder color to tone it down, but I’m really a put it on and go type of gal, so two steps for brows is too much.

Thing about me, is once that I am convinced that something is good, the fastest way to make me really want it, is to not have it.

imgresThe stock at Nords was pretty much non-existent when I was introduced to Anastasia’s powder brow color in medium-brown and her dual-sided brow with spoolie brush.

I found the brush in Macy’s where the travel size and the regular sized brush were the same price, $18. A little pricey, but hey, I wanted it.

Found the brow color online at Sephora.

So excited to use both products together!

But to tell you the truth, the delivery on the desired beautiful brow affect, underwhelmed. I’m not quite sure why. To use the brush and powder together is a lot of effort, and not the easy one-step endeavor I desire.

So, when Sephora had a Fresh VIB “gift”-of course after spending $500 of loyalty dollars with them, I picked up their branded brow pencil with a brush on the end.

The pencil is very thin, and the color, at least to my eye is perfect. However, I am curious about the “brush”.  It is a little spikey, 3/8 inch in length, comb-like brush, that when used, kind of hurts actually.

Anyway, I still use the Anastasia powder with an old Lancome brush that works surprisingly well.

But I have to admit, I am still in search of the perfect brow solution.

Maybe brow artists will come up with the same concept as Drybar, where customers come in daily to have their brows sketched on expertly.

Well, you never know.