Water By Another Name-Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Lately I’ve had a real allergy to paying more than what I have to-like the dry shampoo products-why pay $30 or more for Living Proof, when I can get a product that works just as well, and does not smell, for a small fraction, really small fraction of the price?

So, I’ve been reading about micellar waters in Allure, Elle, Bazaar et al.  Micellar water is based on the concept that there are more molecules(?) packed into the same volume of liquid.

Having a higher density helps dissolve makeup and other impurities, without using soap.

Sisters with dry skin, this promise to both cleanse and not dry our skin, is like a beacon in the sky of hope.  At the m-phase of life, more than a few friends have experienced the drying of once oily or normal complexions and have joined the search for products that give us back the moisture and dewiness of our youth. aclk

Well ya know that Garnier is definitely the drug store version of the pricey French and otherwise micellar waters, so when it went on sale at Longs I decided to buy it.

I read anything extra, like “water-proof mascara” formula as more chemicals, so I bought the regular version.

I never wear water-proof mascara-so my mascara came off pretty easy. With the Garnier Micellar product, I can use a little on a cotton pad, and the eye makeup including mascara seriously slides off.  I’ve been using a Revlon Colorstay liquid eyeliner lately, and it removes most of that, except for what gets caught in the lower eyelashes.  I use a q-tip to remove what remains.

I do use a squirt of Cerave’s (thank you Leslie) moisturizing cleanser to take off the filmy feel left from the micellar water, but otherwise the product does the job.

The boast of using micellar water(s) is that your skin is cleaner and ready for anti-aging/treatment products.

I’m not sure how it works on sensitive skins, but for the drugstore price, it’s worth a try.