No Hope In Jar-Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream

I stalk a new product before I actually buy it.

I read about it.

I take a sample on my wrist at sephora and sometimes take a sample home.

The first time with the doctor, I was up to my eyeballs with moisturizer so I was just flirting with him. It was the Water Drop moisturizer that interested me. In fact, sephora has a try it set of a mini Water Drop, BB Cream and micellar water. 

But I decided to try the mainstay of his line-Ceramidin Cream. It comes in 3 formulas-lotion, cream and in suspended micro bubbles that burst on application.

I opted for the micro bubbles only to be disappointed. I read the box and it suggests applying the product after a prior layer of cream or serum.  

I can see that after serum makes sense, but after another moisturizer?

The micro bubbles do work fairly well when applied after a serum or over or under another moisturizer.

So back it went.

I admit I was thinking of buying the Tiger Cream because when swatched, it definitely is smoother than the cream. But I bought the cream anyway.  Even the Bobbi girl at Blooms said the Tiger side was smoother.


Although the cream is an improvement over the micro bubbles, when I wake up in the morning my skin feels dry and tight.


back to Sephora.



When Chubby is Good-Clinique Chubby Lash

Question-what are you willing to pay for mascara that delivers the same affect as falsies without the pain of glue? I’ve been trying out a variety of formulas, brushes and price ranges in the last year. From Cover Girl to lines I never use like Burberry and Guerlain-it was love at first sample, only to find in the long lash dash to non-clumpiness none of them made the grade.

I also recently watched a make up video where the artist came out and said it-“I like to use mascara after it’s gotten a little old because otherwise it just gets too clumpy. I wait til it’s dried out.”

But then, in the inner sanctum of our own confessions, we all know the golden rule for eye products, especially liquid based ones like mascara-one shall not use products older than 3 months else risk of infection.  Also along the same lines; one shall not use other people’s eye products at all.


I recently started liking Clinique City Block sun block  because it has a little color in it-I think they added tint because the original formula made people look pasty. I like the tint-it’s just right for a little smoothing out of my complexion without the fussiness of foundation and the incomplete sunblock coverage of tinted BB cream with spf.

Can I get an upgrade?

I noticed that upscale stores have better gwps. Specifically the Clinique gwp at Nordstrom and Blooms has products like Chubby Lash and kohl eye liner. At Macy’s you pretty much get High Impact mascara and yet another tube of liquid facial wash.

This is how I came to find my chubby friend. I took it out and lazy as I am, refuse to put on more than one coat. Chubby Lash delivers both long and thick lashes without clumps.  Plus, if I do want a touch up later, I can re apply the mascara and it still won’t clump.

The only time it does flake or clump is when, 

It’s gotten too old to use.

How’s that for product safety?