He Called Me “Aunty”-How Others See Me

Of course in Hawaii, calling someone “Auntie” refers to any female that is older than the child you are talking to.

Example when speaking to small child, “Go ask Auntie….”

But the other day when my yard guys were here, and the driver called out-“No worries Aunty…”, I was thinking “Is it my outfit?” I was dressed down that day, but it wasn’t like I was wearing culottes.

In any case, I had been feeling that way anyway and have been giving it some thought about when I transitioned from being called”Hot babe” to being called “Auntie”, when people are referring to moi.

When and how did I get here?

A few years ago, instead of having a healthy dinner with a glass of wine, I would, many evenings be eating a bag of potato chips with a couple of glasses of wine.  In college the same bad habit was a few Michelobs and a bag of Lays potato chips purchased from the 7-11 since I didn’t have a car to go anywhere else.

I digress.

Nowadays I follow my mood.  My trainer had me on a pretty strict diet of low carbs–he suggested 50 grams.

If you’ve ever followed a low carb diet you probably just gasped in horror.

When you start tracking your carbs, you realize that 50 grams is just the trace amounts you get in foods that are considered low carb anyway like vegs.

But as I put it “I wanted to look cute in dresses” which was my workout goal.

I was getting tired of looking only at the baggy blouse rack instead of the form fitting choices.

Really I know it’s about comfort-but wearing baggy clothes wasn’t helping in the Auntie department.

Fast forward-I lost 10 pounds in 18 months following a lower carb but not 50 gram diet.

People still call me Auntie but I think I’m starting to feel good about the fact I’m approaching 60 and my skincare and obsession with staying out of the sun has delayed people from making the transition to calling me elderly and offering me the senior citizen discount.

I don’t wear clothes that are inappropriate for my age but I still hang onto my halter tops because nowadays I use my arms as my physical barometer.

Inside I follow my heart and if I want a cupcake-cheers to that.

My spirit is mature but I’m not inflexible.  I can change for a good rationale, but mostly I reject things and people who are just going to be bad for me which in the end keeps me the most youthful.

Maybe I deserve that Auntie tag after all-there’s a wisdom attached to the title after all.