Drop No More! What’s up with the medicine droppers for foundation et al?

I found one of those combo sunscreen with tint and skincare products that I really liked, or well at least really liked with the caveats that it didn’t apply well when used with prep products such as Shiseido Future Solutions softener, or Kiehls Daily yellow stuff.

But once it was on the face, looked great, color perfect and had decent staying power.

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint lives in the rare product category of liking it enough to purchase it twice.

I bought it again knowing that the lame medicine dropper applicator makes a huge mess.

You have to shake the product so if you shake the product in the normal fashion of up and down, you are greeted with a great overflow of product when you open the medicine dropper, which then, overflows to the side of the bottle.

So much wasted product.

What a mess.

On my second bottle, I would shake it side to side to avoid the overflow, which worked. I did finish the product but decided until Ilia changes their packaging, I’ll skip it.

Besides, did Ilia ever read their comment section on IG? I think not, so many people noted that the “model” tugged at her face and opened her mouth in that, “watching my mother in the mirror way” of how people used to apply all products. Not a gentle pat with fingers or sponge, or slide with a foundation brush.

A tug.

Like a tug of war with her face-“I want to look good, but in the process, I’m going to ruin my skin by pulling it out of shape to get the product on.”

Another product that I got in a Sephora favorites was the Dr Jart sunscreen. Also in a medicine dropper. Great product-moisturizing so can skip a heavy moisturizer layer. But same issue-half the product is wasted because of the dropper.

And while I’m at it, what’s up with those tiny eye shadow applicators in Tom Ford’s eye shadow quads-or Chanels, Dior’s?

The gross sponge in cushion compacts.