5 Minute Fitness-PopSugar Fitness

In my ongoing challenge to do something about my body vs my face, doing something physical is the much bigger challenge.

It is infinitely easy to surf the web or troll the make up counters or glossy magazines to find something new to try.

After all, beauty product only takes a flick of the finger to apply and Woila! I’m young again!

I wish.

But getting me off the couch, or desk chair is much harder.

And I used to be known for being a fitness fanatic.

The solution came in the form of Pop Sugar Fitness on youtube.  Hundreds of 5-10 minute videos and some a little longer, that address every inch of your bod. http://www.youtube.com/user/popsugartvfit

When I became challenged with sleeveless tops and the fact that my leather mini skirt wouldn’t zip, I knew it was time to get my okole in gear.

My favorites are:

Tank Top Arms

Abs Without Crunches

What I really like is after 5 or 10 minutes I feel energized and interested in trying something more or else. If I want to do more abs I can click on another video.  The instructors are clear and cue well.

At this point in my life, time is my most important commodity.

So Pop Sugar Fitness is perfect.

Check it out!



Battle of the Bumps-Clarins’ Body Lift Cellulite Control

One of the sucky things about getting older is the rapid accelleration of the appearance of bumpy stuff on your body.

Allover your body too.

Longingly you look at young people’s legs that are dimple-free, and you’re not admiring how long or toned they are, you’re just envious of the lack of cellulite.

I think my upper arms had been bugging me the most.  It was getting to the point where I had to plan what I was going to wear based on whether it had sleeves or not.

In fact, I started giving away my sleeveless, camis and never wore tube tops which I adore.

I read an article in old fart magazine “More”, about a woman who was fighting to regain her arm muscles.

Inspired, I set out to tone my arms by doing a few weights, some tricep dips, and very few push ups.

Each Sunday, my jazz dance teacher has us do planks and various arm and core toning pilates moves in our warmup.  I think that I do pretty well-years of exercise payoff in that I can hang in there and plank in good form with my foot up, knee moving out to shoulder etc.

My girlfriend and I share products that we try and decide to pass on. One day, she presented me with a deluxe sample of Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control.

I don’t know if something was lost in translation, but it just hit me that targeting “early & stubborn” cellulite didn’t make sense.

Isn’t being stubborn implying that the bumps have been there and have taken up residence? Thus, “early” didn’t make sense?


The first few times I applied the product to my thighs, I massaged it in so hard I got bruises. I rubbed it in with enough vigor to have my legs turn bright red, and I could feel the mintiness of the product tingling.

Since then I have backed off to a more swedish massage level of pressure. Light upward strokes-kind of a feathering technique.

And I think the product works for me.

I wouldn’t prance around in short-shorts, but being hyper-aware of the condition of my skin, hair and everything else-I do believe this product is bringing about results.

Just in time for summer.


The No Diet Pepsi Diet-Dr Oz

Really I think Dr Oz DAILY miracle cures are tiring, and the best thing about his show are the great examples of how the (fill in the blank) works.

When I try to work and have him on in the background, I end up getting annoyed because his show’s tonality is loud and sensational.

So, I am channel surfing in the afternoon, looking for some background noise, and hear the  show’s promotional tease ” The 2 week diet, lose 9 pounds.”

I’ve been feeling sensitive about my weight, and after losing a couple of pounds, I was on the way to gaining those lbs back.

I never weigh myself and only use my clothes to tell me where I am at in terms of my weight. I don’t have a closet full of clothes in different sizes.

Rather, I wear mostly knits, that stretch a bit. But my jeans and things that close around my waist tell no lies.

Plus I’ve been seeing the hype about Oprah’s weight loss on FB.


I watch the show, and pretty much get that the only items on his list I don’t adhere to are-

I drink Diet Pepsi-at least one 21 oz bottle per day.

I eat cheese-probably more than those one inch cubes called a serving.

I take no vitamins what so ever.

Knowing myself, the best way to approach “dieting” is to do one thing. Heck, I only do one set of shoulder presses if I walk by my weights, but I consider that an achievement!

So, I chose the evil Diet Pepsi.

The bf constantly nags/preaches about why Diet Pepsi is bad. Like it turns into formaldehyde in your body etc.

But taste is king. Bubbles are my thing.

But I commit to giving it up after the last bottle in the fridge.

It was pretty easy, because I don’t drink it for the caffeine.

I don’t feel any different-I was expecting some amazing new glow to my skin or something from the lack of formaldehyde, but maybe I should expect a total sagging of my body since I don’t have the evil chemical to glue it in place!

However, after 3 weeks, I have lost weight.

How can I tell?

Shorts and pants that I veer away from when I pack my gym bag, fit without giving me waist-harikiri.

The blubber over my bra strap has started to recede.

Thankfully, I have not experienced more weight loss in my face. I’m at the point where facial weight loss only results in hollows and the architecture not holding up.

I added a pro biotic, tho not a pill. I’m putting a generous dollop on Greek Gods Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt on my naked wheat toast in the morning.  I was doing pb and j, and then sequed to honey, but the yogurt fills me up, and I like the taste anyway.

It just has to be easy.

So I’m on my way.

Maybe I’ll add a multi-vitamin to the regimen,

But like I said, it has to be easy. And all the diet docs in the world say, if it’s not something that you can make a regular choice in your life, it ain’t gonna work long term.

Besides, the bf’s aspiring doctor son, when I told him I gave up my beloved diet pepsi but crave it when stressed, having finished the unit on addiction diagnosed my craving as “classic addiction reaction.”




I am expecting some change in the quality of my skin since diet pepsi is just a bottle of fizzy chemicals at the end of the day.