In A World-Trish McEvoy Brushes

I just watched this movie on Netflix about the movie trailer voiceover people who start the trailer with “In a world…”.

In a world where most of the products I have tried from Trish McEvoy produced mediocre results-especially her eye primer and concealer products which were cakey-there is a bright spot.

And it’s a bright spot that I’ve already known for years–say that again YEARS.

When I’ve been at the Trish counter before I ever bought anything more than her gel liner, I’ve remarked to the salesperson, I like the brushes.

I remember when I first bought two ancient Trish brushes, No 10 and

I was in San Francisco on a shopping trip with then friend, and in Saks Fifth Avenue department store. Pretty much then, as is now, I like the store but have never purchased anything more than makeup products and didn’t venture further than the 1st floor.  If I did it was to tag along with then friend.

I don’t know what has changed, but my last visit I spent a good amount of time in the lofty floors above the make up dept.


This happened in the realm of 20+ years ago when I bought these two Trish brushes.  I have kept them cleaned, using gentle cleansers-most of the time the same as I use on my face, and drying them flat.

I put them away in favor of the new flavor of the moment brush so I’ve had them 20+ years but use them when I feel like it.

But now that I use cream shadow-I am using the small flat brush NO. 25  to pat the Chanel Ilusion D’Ombre over Nars Eye Primer.  I use the brush to put on the initial layer of color on my lid and a little on my crease, then use my Laura Mercier,  Finishing Brush to blend in the color in my crease and feather it out.

When I am feeling really casual but need a little color I use the No. 10-which is like a small flat paint brush to sweep on a neutral eye brightening color like Bobbi Brown’s Shell–which is the look-alike color of the Strange base color in Urban Decay’s Nakeds #3 palette.

I wouldn’t say that some things get better with age-but more like some things always stay the same. As my most recent brush purchase from Trish was about the same time I bought the other products, which is a cool eyeliner brush that the demonstration of by the product specialist had me thinking about it.

So I went back later and bought it.

I figure if anything makes me contemplate it that much, I should buy it and relieve myself of the wondering about it time. I use this brush occasionally. I like to use it with cream stick shadows or even with Trish gel eyeliner because they are so soft and this brush has just the right amount of stiffness to draw a nice line while not dragging on the eyelid skin.

I have a bunch of Bobbi Brown brushes which I use faithfully like her brow brush-but I’ve had it in the range of 6 years and it is disintegrating.

So the moral of the story–In a world where competition is fierce for great products, those who win are the ones who stick with their core.






Experimenting with Retin A

I tried Retin A like 20 years ago, and I couldn’t handle the flaking of my skin.

It was just horrible. People would come up to me and ask if I was using Retin A, or did I get a sunburn and was I peeling?

I was looking for something in the search of dealing with my crepey-fying eyelids and the vertical lines that have appeared in the last few months.

So, I have been reading up on Retin A and using it sparingly on the lids, because lids are skin right?

So, like always, more is more right?

I dabbed on the Retin A pretty liberally for 2 months. And I never really did flake much, but I noticed that the crepeness and fine vertical lines got worse.

So, I’ve been creaming up my eyes with Shiseido Benefiance, which has pretty much reversed most of the affects of the Retin A.

I think I’ll continue to use it on my face skin.

Or as usual, where products go to die.

On my feet.


PS the shiseido product is the only thing i have liked. But I might try the sunscreen.

Trish to Trash-Eye Base and Eye Lift

I’ve seen the Trish McEvoy products when I was still in love with Bobbi Brown and then Laura Mercier.  I wasn’t falling over myself to buy their kits that had everything you need in terms of color in one of those 80-s filo fax binders.  I still have nightmares of people who organized their days that way and forced me to do the same. I think I did the filo fax thing-meaning I carried the binder, but I never did the post it thing, the move projects to the next day and order them thang.

Rather I liked to write my notes and my schedule in the binder-mostly as a sales tool. Why? I would open it toward the end of the sales call and ask – how about we meet next week at such and such time?


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I attended the Nordstrom sneak preview Early Access event and I obviously got caught up in the moment,

I had watched Trish’s videos on applying her products like Eye Lift and Eye Base. So I had gone to Nords with the idea that I wanted the Eye Lift-which is basically an eye shadow primer.

Now I know from passing the Trish counter by (only stopping to buy gel liner once or twice), that her products are supposed to have beauty benefits besides color. So watching her smooth on the product liberally on the model in the video, I thought hmm must work pretty well.

Same goes for the under eye product – Eye Base. Maybe I get confused with the names but they are her two main eye products. With the Trish triangle of light – which is pretty much the same as Bobbi Brown’s secret to beauty or whatever she calls basically smearing concealer from the inner corner of your eye pretty much to the edge of your cheekbone. 

Bobbi’s actually makes you look pretty good but it does not photograph well – see her books.  The women look odd with all that concealer. Lighter hand please.

So I bought the kit with the Eye Base, Eye Lift, Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter/Magic Powder, an eyeshadow and lip mini palette, a lip pencil with lip brush and mascara.

I have tried everything except the mascara at this point.

I was pretty disappointed with the “gift” at Honolulu Nords. It was a cosmetics bag. PERIOD.

My very nice artist/salesperson gave me a few samples of Fresh, YSL foundation, and an eye thing. But really that was it!

The cosmetics bags itself was the gift. Having spent $200+, I went online to check it out.  It turns out that Nords online had a gift with purchase, and explaining my disappointment, the very nice customer service person sent me a gift with Trish lip gloss and mascara. The mascara is great. The lip gloss is pretty, but no staying power.

So back to the base and lift-I tried a lot of product, a little product. I warmed it up on my hand before applying, I tried more moisture base to help it spread.

Both products were like spreading clay.

Considering we are talking about the eye area and it’s delicate texture – this is just bad.

I went so far as to go back to Nords and ask the product rep what was the deal? He said to use less-a pin point. Still didn’t work.

I didn’t even want to pass them on to friends to try their luck.

Into the trash.



The lip pencil with brush on the end is good. However, Trish, please revisit the quality of the package supplier.  The tops from both sides kept slipping off. When I tried to secure them tightly-one side cracked the side making it useless.


Thrillsville! Nars Smudge proof Eyeshadow Base

I’ve been searching for an eye shadow primer so when I wear color-it shows.

The other thing is I always have eye cream and sunscreen on my eyes so it’s a challenge for weak competitors.

Awhile back I tried urban decay eyeshadow primer anti aging formula after I got a multi pack sample of all of their formulas.

I used it for a couple of weeks but i noticed that it dried my eyelids out and made them look crusted.


I watched trish mcevoy videos and was convinced her eye base was a wonder product.

It’s a lot like laura mercier’s eye primers. Same drying. Plus the trish product creased and fell apart after a ballet class.

I asked the revive/trish guy at nords and he suggested a lighter application.

No difference.

My new fav, Lisa eldridge used the Nars product in her videos. It comes in a tube with a sponge wand. It has a little silicon so it has some slip going on and smoothes on easily.

What’s more my eye color lasts without creasing and the product doesn’t dry out my lids.

The Meh Files-Products That Didn’t Make the Cut

I really like to sample products when I’m not entirely convinced they will work for me.

This is especially true for any facial moisturizer.

Whether a brightener lightener, eye wrinkle, cellulite or anything other will work on the first trial is iffy.

Oh-the other two items that are best sampled are foundation and sunscreen.

The moisturizer requirement is all about will my face really feel moisturized after wearing the product the entire day or night?

Re: foundation, will the color look good in any light, under varying conditions ( all day, evening, thru a workout(when I need to rush off for a meeting and don’t have time to redo my whole face). Will it not become gray and ashy, by itself or when used with other products?

Re: sunscreen, will the product dry white and masky, or willit go in and disappear? Will the product have a drying affect?

The Meh files includes more than the above product categories, though:

Shiseido Benefiance SPF 15 Day Moisturizer Cream. Smells really good, light cream, fairly good moisturizing staying power. Can not put it around my eyes without stinging and tearing. Makes it a fail for me-I use it on my decollete. Might as well use it for what it can provide, far far away from my eyes. The Benefiance Eye Cream is great tho-but no spf.

Fresh Creme Ancienne-wonderful story about monks who hand mix the product in a monastery.  Plus it’s an ancient recipe created in the time of Marcus Aurelius, thus “ancienne”.  Furthermore, it was discovered in the vaults of Louis Vuitton.  I got a nice sample from the Fresh store in San Francisco.  I used the entire sample in what I call harsh conditions.  Meaning I went out to dinner and my skin was going to need a good drink after a couple of glasses of wine. I put on a good amount before bed-my skin felt a bit tight in the morning. ( Rosa artica from Kiehls is still the best for me-going thru the big M it was the only product that helped, so why do I stray? That’s just my personality to venture forth!). Knowing that the after party test was pretty good, but not perfect, I used it for my flight home to Honolulu. It was pretty good, though I always keep a cream in my flight bag to dab on during the flight.

Fresh-New SPF 50 Sunscreen.  I also got a nice sample of this product which I used for the remainder of my stay in SF and then a bit at home. It is an almost ballet pink color-pink but a little bit of apricot.  It gives a teeny bit of color to the skin-and works perfectly well if you like to go without foundation.  The only thing I would really give this product a ding on is it is a little sticky, you need a whisper of translucent HD powder so your hair doesn’t stick on your face.

Sorry Fresh, one more entry–Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream.  Actually the jury is still out on this–not knowing the Fresh line really well, I had a hard time choosing an eye cream. I used the Black Tea Serum on my eyes, which worked pretty well on my vertical wrinkles.  The salesperson applied a bit around one eye in a circular motion-its claim to fame is 30 hours of moisturizing and depuffing of the circles. It does feel like it tightens, though I’m not so sure about the moisture for 30 hours.

Oh oops, one more Fresh–Black Tea Serum. I hesitated because of the $85 price tag, but I had been intrigued because the sample of the eye cream worked very well, but between the two, I decided to buy the serum to use on my face and eyes. I will probably give the eye cream another shot, because you can buy the Black Tea eye cream and it comes with a Soy Fresh cleanser(awesome!), and (I think) a Lotus Preserve mask.

Sunscreens to pass on-Mustela 50+ mineral sunscreen lotion. Goes on white and stays white. I used it to golf one day, and boy did I get a tan on my arms where I used it.

The Face Shop-Baby Mild Sun Lotion SPF 30. Uses the same Sunflower ingredients. Nothing great to say about this product.  It goes on white and fades a little, but meh.

I’m interested in trying Josie Maran’s new SPF-Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. I don’t know much about it yet, except it smells good. I know that most of the oil products have natural sunscreen via antioxidants vitamins C and E, but that’s not quite enough in my opinion if you live in a sunny clime like Hawaii. This product does have a bit of titanium oxide and zinc-but less so. Need a sample.

Cetaphil SPF 15 lotion.  This I use to smear on when I wake up-my house is full of windows, so from early in the morning, I have sunlight on my face. This product is ok, but it stings my eyes. I recently bought another bottle of Cerave’SPF15 for the morning duty. It does not sting my eyes and was suggested by a reader-it’s very awesome!

Clarins Body Tonic Oil. It smells very nice. I watched the videos on how to apply to help stimulate the lymph nodes to help get rid of water and toxins. My skin is very soft but I can’t see much in the way of change in my skin texture or firmness.  I use it with the Cellulite Body Lift, meh.

Burts Bees Moisturizing Body Lotion. Very moisturizing, but during the day gets sticky. It has no spf, but the humectants make it a bit much.  I would recommend to ladies who are having the big M and need extra care for dryness.

This is a bit long–:-}, but needed to catch up!




It Just Doesn’t Fit-Trying on Shiseido

I like Shiseido products I really do, and it was a long time before I bought their products because of my limited income, and then I as wooed away by others when I could.

The Beneficance Wrinkle24 Eye Resist caught my eye first-I really loved it, so when Shiseido had a a gift with purchase, I plunged forward.

I bought the Softener and the Creamy Cleanser.

I’m a Clarin’s Toning Lotion kind of gal-never had a problem with it, love that there is no alcohol and it’s gentle.

So rethinking it, reading some rave reviews and consideration of the price, I decided the $58 price tag was just too much more than the $20 something I pay for a product I love.

So I took it back to Windward Mall Macys. The girl was nice enough–I decided to try the Neck Contour Cream which was sold out so it was delivered to my door.

It was like living through the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream again!

The product did not smooth on and I felt like it dragged on my skin.

I took that back. I purchased the Benifiance Moisturizer Cream with SPF18. Hardly enough spf for Hawaii-but I like the smell, the cream is light, and works ok, though my expectations for anything more than just moisture are low.

So, I used the original creamy cleanser about 6 times-one pump or two pumps depending, and it is supposed to tissue or rinse off. In the end the product left too much of a greasy feel and..

I took it back.

I got the UV Environmental SPF 50-it has moisture so it is a little thick.  When I applied to my face it makes it pretty white-tho I don’t think that’s a bad thing.


I’ll probably take it back.


You Had Me At Hello-Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream

I used to like Shiseido products when I was in my 20-s. For a girl out of college and on a budget, to indulge was a treat! Other girls who lived at home, or otherwise had expenses handled, regularly purchased new shoes, Lancome make up, and were always perfectly coiffed.

I on the other hand, shopped at The Wild Pair in the sale bin(I got some seriously awesome shoes), wore what was on sale at Longs, usually L’Oreal, and once got a haircut on the referral of the same friend, and I ended up with a mullet.

I’m thoroughly convinced that when a stylist is ready to kick you to the curb, or has had a fight with their significant person, they cut my hair in a mullet. This p-rick actually took the shaver out and made the sides of my hair less than a 1/4 inch long. I started to protest but this samurai attitude(I think his name was Tony-the salon was in the Ala Moana area across the street from Mary Ann Chang Photography), made me shrink back. My Dad was in shock.

So, I rarely rarely rarely have my haircut differently than the same long boring barely layered style. I’m sure my stylist falls asleep standing up doing my hair.

Anyway, I digress.

My current non-use of Shiseido products was at the level, that even if they had an ad in Allure or wherever, I would walk on by. Even GWP offers did not catch my eye. Those b’s in Shirokiya Shiseido department are well, just b’s. So even when I have been interested in buying Beauty Cake soap, they act snobby like they are selling Cleu De Peu.

Geez-get a clue.

This particular ad, was laid out differently tho-I am in the marketing business, and can tell when the client has given the agency marching orders to maximize the spend by cramming everything in the same ad.


4 of Shiseido’s Benefiance products were crammed into the same ad-all lined up horizontally-exactly how a client who was a linear thinker might dictate.

I read through the most left-hand product and saw the words”inner eye lines”-meaning the lines in the inside corner of your eyes. In my case, that would include the fine lines that appear in the afternoon after a day of crinkling my nose and making expressions.

This is an area of particular concern since I purchased a 4x mirror and inspect my eye liner and other make up around my eye.

Getting old is a drag. Pretty soon I’ll be wearing y reading glasses to put on makeup!


So, I take a leap and purchase the product without sampling, as I’m too lazy to go to Sephora, and the counter people at Macys rarely sample.

Lo and behold-when I apply a pea-sized portion, which I tap in, then take a brush to blend in, the inner eye wrinkles disappear.

Of course they reappear during the day-but for me this is a gentler option than using some of the spackle products likes Miracle Blur or Clinique’s Super Skin Primers.

This way I get treatment and fulfillment.

However, fickle as always, I have my inner eye focused on Fresh’ Black Tea Eye Cream. I had a sample, and that was just as effective.

It never ends.