Revivogen Revival

Well….he’s been at it since February this year and by it I mean using Revivogen’s hair growth system

And guess what?

It’s working.

He’s sprouting a significant amount of hair in the front/top of his head. Not as much as when blew it dry in the 80-s but definitely more

Less scalp showing through.

The system basically cleans your scalp with a minty shampoo and you spray on the treatment which was created by a dermatologist. It has b6, saw palmetto and other nature based ingredients which stimulate growth.

Lincoln W over at Boss beauty supply has the kit in regular and travel sizes.

I guess this means the bf will be using less gel and more shampoo!


OMG! What Smells?!!! Pas Deux

I like to travel but I don’t like to fly in the enclosed little environment they call the plane.

Nice thing is in my recent travels the bf got us business class seats going over the ocean to London-a long trip from LAX.

Just as we were settling in to the cushy, dentist office like pod seats, a flight attendant came by to store our coats.

That was nice, but OMG! she must have sprayed a whole bottle of some perfume on before she stepped on the plane!  It wasn’t a bad smelling fragrance-but when you’re in that little test-tube for 11 hours – a dab or less will do ya!

I remember a christmas long ago, my boss got me a bottle of Chanel’s Coco and offered the advice – “A dab will do ya!”

Sage words, as over powering smells give me a headache.

I once got a bottle of Fracras-a beautiful jasmine based classic.  I put it on and it got into my sweater.  At the time, I was young enough to go to one of those game centers and hopped into an enclosed ride that simulated space.

Needless to say, 5 minutes later, in the tight little pod-I had a raging headache and was nauseous.

Back to the original story line.

So, even the bf noticed that she had too much perfume on. For him to notice was amazing – he travels in his own little cloud of cologne which he knows also sometimes gives me a headache – but most times I cut him slack,

So I put my nose under the feathery down blanket for the entire time when she would walk by and so would her fragrance.

But really-in this time of holiday gift-giving, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone enclosed the same wise advice of a little is a lot?


I Didn’t Get the Memo!

This past Saturday and then Sunday were off to a really late start as I went to ballet class and came home, ate lunch, took a nap and then was ready to do something.  Sunday, we all decided to do a few errands, and maybe go to Ala Moana shopping mall.  So we were dressed pretty casually – me in my pink Billy Elliot London t-shirt and shorts and slippers, and everyone else something like that.

We park over by Neiman’s and pretty much right away run into  family friends-who look nice-pretty blouse, heels and her hair done. Then her daughter comes by, just as smartly put together.

Feeling like a booger, I go to the ladies room and in there a haughty woman in a sweater dress and platform shoes with the telltale red sole, looks down her nose.(All the while I’m thinking, Babe, I know where you got that outfit from) – plus she’s too old for that sweater dress without military strength Spanx!


Walking around toward the Apple store-I begin to notice that we are on a fashion runway.  The younger women – 30 and under – are all walking around Ala Moana’s extremely hard on your bones cobble stone tile, in full mating dating regalia of high heel stilt platform shoes, short-to-long dresses, full make up and hair sprayed flat-ironed hair!

Since I am out of the age range and the mating dating game – I shirk it off.  I split with my shopping party to cruise on my own.

An hour or so later, I meet up with them and my bf has his previously untucked t shirt, tucked in.  He said ” I feel more put together.”

I guess he felt the same.

I guess were not in Kaneohe anymore Toto.




The Defender-Or, How to Get Your Man to Use Sunscreen

Okay, you may or may not know that I am Asian, and have some natural sunscreen in the form of melatonin in my skin so I tan but don’t burn over-easily.

But I wear sunscreen everyday, faithfully since I live in Hawaii.

So…..not to name names, but I know of more than a few men with blue eyes, freckle skin, red hair, or blonde or some variation on the theme, who do not wear sunscreen.

Not only do they not wear sunscreen, but they refuse to wear sunscreen.

I’ve heard it from my friends whose husbands can’t stand to put anything girly or creamy on their skin, and other significant people who just don’t think it’s manly.

Eh–what’s manly about skin cancer, moles, irregular shaped funny-looking, crusty-crispy stuff, apparently growing on your face, body, head, arm, leg etc.

Ok, a little ruggedness wrinkle edges  or scratchiness is okay, but skin cancer is not.


I’ve found the perfect product that all concerned women and readers of this post can offer up to any man or young man to use to protect their skin.

I give a high recommend to Clinique‘s Super Defense, SPF 25.  It comes in a few combinations for dry to normal, normal-oily etc. It not only protects their facial skin from the sun’s very harmful rays, but shhhhhhhh – it’s also skincare.

It has moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, but don’t tell them that.

Just tell them – it doesn’t smell girly, in fact it barely has fragrance.

It’s texture is less frothy-it’s typical Clinique-it has an almost plastic feel to the cream.

It comes in a uni-sex colored jar – I call it Clinique minty-green, with silver lettering.

Clinique does have the M line for men, which comes in a dark gunmetal gray packaging, but for a funny reason does not have this same product. In fact, the men’s line really isn’t very developed.

So ladies, moms, girlfriends, wives and friends – get your man putting on this sunscreen-tell him it’s a cream version of your love and affection.



Make Me Moist! New Foundation and Sunscreen Options!

My blue-eyed friend informed me he did not use sunscreen on a daily basis. What?! We live in Hawaii with the sun shining on us everyday, having a position close to the equator  – it is pretty brutal.

So, since he’s a guy, I had him try out my Clarins SFP40-my fave-it goes under makeup really well, very light, not greasy, and doesn’t feel like it has fine grains of something that some blocks have. For guys, it has a very light but pleasant fragrance.

Tooling around Nordstroms, where as usual, no one is at the counter at Clarins, Kiehls, Bobbi etc. Doesn’t matter.  I know what I want.

But I do see something new on the counter – Clarins has made their super wonderful spf40 sunscreen in tints!  They offer light, medium and dark in the same silky liquid formula. Since no one was around, I helped myself to a sample.  I’m wondering at the same time, if this is why Nordstroms leaves out their sample pots – for whatever reason, the salespeople are rarely at their stations.  I can’t ding my friend there because it was her day off.

I see the Revive’ product rep, Crystal, and ask her to help me buy the regular formula Clarins.  She highly recommended the Cleau De Peau spf50 sunscreen and gave me a sample.  I asked, you recommend this over Revive? She said yes because the Revive’ packaging is being changed because customers can’t use the entire product without taking out the pump.  Nearly half the product is wasted.  Be on the lookout for new packaging. At $95 a bottle-I’m sure we all want to use it to the last drop!

A few days prior, I was browsing to check out new stuff–at Laura Mercier I saw they had new foundation in both oil free and moisture formulas.  Moisture Supreme (pronounced suh-prem) is another dream product!  I used it over my regular regimen of Kiehl’s Power Line, Rosa Artica and Clarins spf40, and wore it for an entire day without feeling dry.  Awesome!

I had tried Laura Mercier’s tinted radiance moisturizer and decided I didn’t like to be that shimmery.  When the Revive’ guys came, I saw that the Revive’ girls were all wearing it-I could tell by the shimmery effect it has.  It reminds me of those horrible mother of pearl products brought out maybe 10 years ago that gave you a radiant look, but really if you look at it in the sun it looks weird and fakey. Sorry Laura.

I’m sitting writing this with the Clarins tinted spf40 on and it feels and looks great.  I’ll post again at how it wears during the day.  What’s more, because it’s tinted with just enough pigment you can tell if you’re getting your face covered with the sunscreen protection.

On men sunscreen.  I also checked out Facial Fuel by Kiehls – it is liquid, but it has a chalky texture and a not unpleasant, but somewhat chemical scent.  The Clinique men’s line, carried in NM but not Nordstrom, is pretty nice.  Packaged in sort of a gunmetal color, “M” line offers everything the same as the “women’s” line.  Plus they had some interesting sunscreens that were on the men’s counter.  Smelled pretty good.  I would use them.

That said, Clinique Super Defense spf25 is really great.  The other products don’t have treatment, but Super Defense is also anti-aging and moisturizing.

So, that and that said, if you’re sitting inside with a lot of windows and sunlight, make sure you use your sunscreen! Even on overcast days!


Man Makeover

Men I have loved. Men who have potential. Here’s a few tips on improving your chances for a kiss.


Starting from the top, a nice haircut is fine.  Just keep it trimmed. Shaggy and Scooby Doo were an item for a reason.


Unibrow-just say no.  Ladies endure waxing –  so let it flow.


Sideburns-ewgh.  What are you Elvis?




Nose hairs-clipped, and clean (you know what I mean!)


Nose – Biore nose strips, steam, cleanse, repeat.


Fresh breath – you really improve your chances if your breath is fresh.  Extra points if your teeth are white and shiny!


Fingernails – clean, clipped, short.  I see men with long fingernails who are musicians, but if you don’t play an instrument, please clip it just looks nasty.


Toenails – clean, clipped, short, no crust, no fungus. You really reduce your chances for a kiss.


Bathed. Nuff said. A clean man is pure ambrosia.


Cologne – spray the air and walk through.


Fresh clothes-men in a clean t-shirt that is freshly laundered in Tide or Gain is Heaven!


Really, guys, it’s easy, it’s just hygiene.  You can stay at home with a beer and a bag of chips, or you can improve your chances.


For a kiss.