Drop No More! What’s up with the medicine droppers for foundation et al?

I found one of those combo sunscreen with tint and skincare products that I really liked, or well at least really liked with the caveats that it didn’t apply well when used with prep products such as Shiseido Future Solutions softener, or Kiehls Daily yellow stuff.

But once it was on the face, looked great, color perfect and had decent staying power.

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint lives in the rare product category of liking it enough to purchase it twice.

I bought it again knowing that the lame medicine dropper applicator makes a huge mess.

You have to shake the product so if you shake the product in the normal fashion of up and down, you are greeted with a great overflow of product when you open the medicine dropper, which then, overflows to the side of the bottle.

So much wasted product.

What a mess.

On my second bottle, I would shake it side to side to avoid the overflow, which worked. I did finish the product but decided until Ilia changes their packaging, I’ll skip it.

Besides, did Ilia ever read their comment section on IG? I think not, so many people noted that the “model” tugged at her face and opened her mouth in that, “watching my mother in the mirror way” of how people used to apply all products. Not a gentle pat with fingers or sponge, or slide with a foundation brush.

A tug.

Like a tug of war with her face-“I want to look good, but in the process, I’m going to ruin my skin by pulling it out of shape to get the product on.”

Another product that I got in a Sephora favorites was the Dr Jart sunscreen. Also in a medicine dropper. Great product-moisturizing so can skip a heavy moisturizer layer. But same issue-half the product is wasted because of the dropper.

And while I’m at it, what’s up with those tiny eye shadow applicators in Tom Ford’s eye shadow quads-or Chanels, Dior’s?

The gross sponge in cushion compacts.



He Called Me “Aunty”-How Others See Me

Of course in Hawaii, calling someone “Auntie” refers to any female that is older than the child you are talking to.

Example when speaking to small child, “Go ask Auntie….”

But the other day when my yard guys were here, and the driver called out-“No worries Aunty…”, I was thinking “Is it my outfit?” I was dressed down that day, but it wasn’t like I was wearing culottes.

In any case, I had been feeling that way anyway and have been giving it some thought about when I transitioned from being called”Hot babe” to being called “Auntie”, when people are referring to moi.

When and how did I get here?

A few years ago, instead of having a healthy dinner with a glass of wine, I would, many evenings be eating a bag of potato chips with a couple of glasses of wine.  In college the same bad habit was a few Michelobs and a bag of Lays potato chips purchased from the 7-11 since I didn’t have a car to go anywhere else.

I digress.

Nowadays I follow my mood.  My trainer had me on a pretty strict diet of low carbs–he suggested 50 grams.

If you’ve ever followed a low carb diet you probably just gasped in horror.

When you start tracking your carbs, you realize that 50 grams is just the trace amounts you get in foods that are considered low carb anyway like vegs.

But as I put it “I wanted to look cute in dresses” which was my workout goal.

I was getting tired of looking only at the baggy blouse rack instead of the form fitting choices.

Really I know it’s about comfort-but wearing baggy clothes wasn’t helping in the Auntie department.

Fast forward-I lost 10 pounds in 18 months following a lower carb but not 50 gram diet.

People still call me Auntie but I think I’m starting to feel good about the fact I’m approaching 60 and my skincare and obsession with staying out of the sun has delayed people from making the transition to calling me elderly and offering me the senior citizen discount.

I don’t wear clothes that are inappropriate for my age but I still hang onto my halter tops because nowadays I use my arms as my physical barometer.

Inside I follow my heart and if I want a cupcake-cheers to that.

My spirit is mature but I’m not inflexible.  I can change for a good rationale, but mostly I reject things and people who are just going to be bad for me which in the end keeps me the most youthful.

Maybe I deserve that Auntie tag after all-there’s a wisdom attached to the title after all.



Having A Moment

You have probably noticed that cosmetic retailers are battling it out for a piece of the beauty dollar pie. Used to be Sephora had a sale twice a year and the rest of the time I’d wait to buy stuff when there was a good gwp.

Nowadays once one retailer posts a sale or promo coupon than Macy’s or Nordstrom posts a price match. They even compete with company stores!

If you want to replenish a basic like Clinique sunscreen- should you it buy for 25% off at the company store, or hunt around for a gwp with free shipping?

If you can’t tell by now I’m of the “wait until I get a deal” crowd.  Sephora reduced their samples per order to two and the pickings are slim. Even if you’re rouge, you get nothing extra for the privilege of the upgraded plastic card.  Just the status of being amongst the crowd of the big spenders.

Or at least perceived as such.

One day I was in line and the cashier said to the woman, “You have 20000 points…..”

I was a bit shocked.

Previous to that I thought I bought a lot – mostly skincare but still a lot.

This past holiday was different.  I bought gifts and stuff for me and then said- step away from the credit card .

Nevertheless I bought MORE.

When it was all said and done I was in a drunken stupor of a makeup buying frenzy.

After recovery, I seriously had moments when walking into the cosmetic dept of any store and my eyes would glaze and I would get a buzzing in my ears.

Too soon.

I wasn’t safe from myself.

Only a few days ago when a pot called the kettle black, on the same day I dumped two eye palettes I stopped using, did I go shopping for makeup.

It was nice.

I felt calm.

I responded to salespeople, “I feel like buying today.”

I’m the type that in a nice store, I veer away from the manolo blaniks to stay in Stuart Weitzman Ville.

There’s just a price point where I refuse like a stubborn horse and avert my eyes.

Maybe I was just reacting to the pot, but I walked up to the Dior counter and bought a limited edition shadow palette.

I told myself it was to replace one of the two palettes I dumped.

The truth is-I was buying it to feel better.

Some people can face truth about themselves, and well, others just can’t, so the best thing to do is just let them look in the mirror and hope someday they will face themselves.

Now, what am I going to do with my Nordstrom  note?

Save it for something I really need instead of something I just want to feel better.







Water By Another Name-Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Lately I’ve had a real allergy to paying more than what I have to-like the dry shampoo products-why pay $30 or more for Living Proof, when I can get a product that works just as well, and does not smell, for a small fraction, really small fraction of the price?

So, I’ve been reading about micellar waters in Allure, Elle, Bazaar et al.  Micellar water is based on the concept that there are more molecules(?) packed into the same volume of liquid.

Having a higher density helps dissolve makeup and other impurities, without using soap.

Sisters with dry skin, this promise to both cleanse and not dry our skin, is like a beacon in the sky of hope.  At the m-phase of life, more than a few friends have experienced the drying of once oily or normal complexions and have joined the search for products that give us back the moisture and dewiness of our youth. aclk

Well ya know that Garnier is definitely the drug store version of the pricey French and otherwise micellar waters, so when it went on sale at Longs I decided to buy it.

I read anything extra, like “water-proof mascara” formula as more chemicals, so I bought the regular version.

I never wear water-proof mascara-so my mascara came off pretty easy. With the Garnier Micellar product, I can use a little on a cotton pad, and the eye makeup including mascara seriously slides off.  I’ve been using a Revlon Colorstay liquid eyeliner lately, and it removes most of that, except for what gets caught in the lower eyelashes.  I use a q-tip to remove what remains.

I do use a squirt of Cerave’s (thank you Leslie) moisturizing cleanser to take off the filmy feel left from the micellar water, but otherwise the product does the job.

The boast of using micellar water(s) is that your skin is cleaner and ready for anti-aging/treatment products.

I’m not sure how it works on sensitive skins, but for the drugstore price, it’s worth a try.




IPSY-Beware PRC Product Samples

Ok-I’m exaggerating.

But after 2 messages to the company and a back and forth with customer service, I again received a sample made in the PRC.

No dis on China-but I’m just a little paranoid about the stories about lead in the color products and other sorts of manufacturing shortcuts and cost cutting ingredients in PRC aka Chinese products.

In any case, this month I received another lip product made in the PRC. Last month when I asked about this, I was informed that the products sample companies were carefully researched and considered high quality.

Really, am I five years old and easily placated by customer service-speak?

I think not.

Please note that I said the product sample companies were researched not the products. I seriously doubt that Ipsy requires the hundreds of companies to provide product ingredient breakdowns, FDA approval etc.

Still, having the Ipsy subscription has helped my new product addiction-to search and buy just because it’s fun.

So far, the only products I’ve really liked are the brushes. I did like an IT brow pencil in this months’ bag too. Product Details

However, the sample was probably just a 1/4 inch of product in a travel sized aluminum type applicator with a spooly brush.

Seems expensive to give a sample so measly in a casing that seems costly.

The case must have been made in China.


To Sag or Not to Sag? NUFACE by NUFACE

I’m pretty slow to buy devices of any kind.  I had my original blow dryer for at least a decade before it wore out.  I didn’t have a flat iron until years into the super straight trend.

And I still don’t own a Clarisonic tho I bought my mom the Clinique face cleanser.

I’ve been searching for a fix short of botox for the “bunny” wrinkles that affect the inner corner of my eyes. Surfing the net for keywords phrases – vertical wrinkles, lines in inner corners of eye etc. I did not find a solution.

Having a gift card in hand, and my weekly sephora.com browsing session onscreen, the NUFACE skin system was one of the device selections ( I was actually looking at the Clarisonics).

Years ago I went Dr Wong, a well known plastics guy.  I was pitching him for some ad sales, and he pitched me NuSkin.  Which is very similar to NuFace.  In any case he expertly did the demonstration on one side of my face and showed me the difference.

I was amazed. Tho because the serums and device are pretty pricey I passed.

True to form, years later, I decided to blow my whole gift card and them some on the NuFace after reading reviews on the internet.  I decided against buying the extra eye and lip attachment or the cheaper mini device based on the reviews.

I have to say, though at first I was my usual intensive user, with more casual once a day use, the bunny wrinkles are lessening. With a good eye cream, sunscreen and usage of the device it all works together to produce results.

I would say that the way I use is it off label tho. I put the device in the center above my nose but below my brow bone and hold for 5 seconds, 3 times.  Then I do around my eyelids and under my eyes.

I know it’s used for pulling up jowls and what else, but I mostly use it for my eye area.

And I’d say it works.


Come Out From the Cold! Anenome Covers

Notice I did not put it in the headline, though I was thinking all afternoon a good name for this blog is Booblidge No More!

In ballet class, for the slightly more endowed, you pretty much have to wear a bra for support cuz those little shelf bras built in the leos are just that-little.

Little support

Little coverage

Add to that when you like microfibre leotards for their stretchiness and comfort – well, you have a booblidge situation.

And me, I’m not the one to be caught out in the cold looking, well, cold if you catch the drift.

These neat little silicon circles are jelly like and work really well under sheer evening wear too.

I’ve seen them in department stores, but I bought mine from a local store named Cookies-the stores are located pretty much everywhere on Oahu.

Only $4.99 plus tax.

That’s cheap for a little modesty.



I won’t name names, but one of the girls in class was wearing a different version of these, much much thinner, and one day during a particularly sweaty class, I saw something odd looking on the floor.

The color of a bandaid, circular and very thin. One of the other girls was brave enough to pick it up.

I don’t think we have had such a laugh since – and we still tell the story and we still laugh.

We may get old, but this story hasn’t yet.

Yesterday Once More – Neostrata Lotion Plus

Like I said, I wonder why I do this to myself. Meaning, why do I stray from something that works?

The answer is mostly boredom.

I used this magical lotion for years and years ago when it cost only $17 per bottle.  

Nowadays it goes for $42!!  $45 on the official neostrata site.

But it wasn’t so long ago that I think that price is really super duper high!

But seriously, it works.

Works like magic.

Practically with the first application.

Neostrata Lotion Plus is AHA Glycolic – 15%!  It is for experienced uses, there are step downs, and is used to “resurface” the skin by exfoliating.

For me-as much as I like my Honey and Sugar scrub, this is pretty fast and I can do it everyday without waiting for the housekeeper to come so I can make a mess in the shower.


Makes my skin feel silky-and moisturized tho there are other formulas that exfoliate and are moisturizing.

Dry no more!


Stand Up and Curl! Diorshow Iconic Over Curl Mascara

I think I’ve been taking ballet class as an adult for nearly 10 years now.  I have to use “who my boyfriend was at the time” markers to help remember how long. I had been taking class for about a year when the boyfriendathtetime remarked I must take yoga because of my inner radiating calmness.

I know – yeah-what an interesting line.

At the time, I transitioned from being an aerobics princess who was always obnoxiously bouncing around the front, giving the moves some flair, or riffing off my friend’s moves in my own way, or just trying to jump higher.

When I think of it now, I have to laugh at my silliness.


I used to think that being sort of ratty “flashdance” sort of look with torn sweatshirts falling off the shoulder and worn out leg warmers was the look to covet, but not anymore.

Neat hair, leotard, tights and cover up with no holes, and believe it or not, pretty make up.

If you flip open any fitness magazine, they are always telling people to remove their make up before exercising.

I get it-it clogs the pores blah blah blah.

But when you think about it-ballet is a moving art form-and if wearing a little mascara makes it prettier, then ..

1.  Mascara for me must make it through ballet class without making me look like raccoon ballerina.

Sometimes it’s so bad it looks like a botched smoky look.

I guess that makes sense because one of those passed on mascaras is Bobbi Brown’s Smoky Eye Mascara.  I like the way it lengthens and it’s not clumpy but it looks pretty bad after class.

Another fail was Trish McEvoy’s High Volume Mascara-great at first-but now it sits in my mascara graveyard, only to be used when I know I am only going to not do anything more physical than lift a glass a wine.

2. When Clumping is Good-it’s ok when mascara washes off in “clumps” -a phrase taken from my ace brow person, Stacie at Marsha Nadalin, vs smudgy messes that can only be removed with oil or real eye make up remover.

That’s what I like about the Trish mascara, but it was a fail at the raccoon test.

However-I was searching for a xmas gift and know that she really likes mascara and it must satisfy pretty much the same requirements.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl came with a mini 5 eye shadow quad of neutral colors – cream, peach, light brown, medium brown and a brown for liner.

I am loving the mascara.

It stays on in class and doesn’t move – even when I perspire.

It comes off easy without special efforts. Comes off with my Cerave’ foaming face cleanser, or my Fresh Soy cleanser.

3.  Stand Up and Deliver-mascara doesn’t have to curl for me to like it, but the Dior product does work well and pretty much stays at attention through the entire class.

The plus was the little eye shadow that came in the holiday pack.  I had always been curious about it, but you know Clinique and everybody else and their sister brother give away eye shadow in their gwps-so I only buy shadow if I really like the color.

The colors are really neutral but for my aging lids, works better than wearing a lot of color product.

Since people are now referring to me as “issheyourmom?” I need all the help I can get.


The Fight Against Walmart Hair – Kitoko Nutri-Restore Line

I recently switched from PM Shine Gloss which was introduced to me by Hillary J of Winam Studio, to full fledged color.

It was a scary transition because my hair was a mess until I started using gloss.

And gloss plus good hair products kept my hair in great condition for a long time.

But product junky that I am…

Plus, the gloss wasn’t covering my grays as well – and since my grays are in the middle and side parts where everybody notices grow out–I needed a new option.

So far, the color totally works-and I am going a little lighter with the color but gradually.  The color is not applied to my whole head, just my roots plus 4 inches or so down the hair shaft.

I was speaking to a nice lady at BOSS supply, and we talked about how long having dark hair on an aging face and body, made sense and didn’t look odd.

That was a good point – because my gloss shade was pretty much my natural color-but as I approach double-nickels, I thought I’d lighten it up.

This was tried before with highlights and lighter gloss, but from my point of view I ended up looking like a calico with the grow out-black, red and white-calico right?


My fear of getting the horrible dried out frizzy looking hair you see in Walmart horror photos is being addressed with a new cocktail of Kitoko Nutri-Restore products.

I did not realize when I picked up the Cleanser and Balm from BOSS that the shampoo was sudless.  Kind of like those Wen products I guess.

I was expecting a huge lather-but it never appeared.  In fact, I added another squeeze of cleanser and still nothing.  Yet, I felt like my hair was being cleaned.

The balm was much thinner and pretty normal.

I figured I used the PH-Restore product first after towel-drying, followed by Neuma Tangle-Free with UV protection.

Add a dollop of my beloved Orange-Creamsicle-smelling Neuma Styling Cream-and ready for the blow dry plus Neusmooth Illuminating Mist.

I know it’s a lot – but three color treatments later-my hair is in spectaular shape.

I’m sorry I have to say – it’s as great as when I was in 7th grade and had hair down to my jeans pockets-shiny, smooth and no frizzies.

How I do miss those days when I just used Wella Balsam or Fabrege Organics or other $2 shampoo Mom bought me and out the door.