Mud Bath

Err shower.

Boy, if the blue eyed man had witnessed the sloshy mess in the shower…..

Anyway, I decided to stall starting work today by trying out the Ahava Dead Sea Mud full body mask. You basically apply the product all over your body with particular attention to sore or achy muscles. (You can also warm it up in the nuker for extra help).  The dead sea minerals purify and moisturize the skin.

My skin felt not quite tingly, but felt like something active was going on.  Not like a menthol action-but something like that.

I also did the dead sea mud facial mask at the same time—the mask is mostly for cleansing.

I wonder how much exfoliation actually occurs as both masks have a little bit of texture-not grainy, but not cream either.

After 10 minutes or so–the mud flowed.  Very fine grains yes, but well, you never know what kind of a mess something like this will make.  It was easy enough to clean up.

I put on my regular regime of Kiehl’s Power Concentrate and Rosa Artica-and the products did not go into my skin immediately – kind of sat on top of it.

Anyway–my body skin where I used the body mask still feels a little warm and tingly.

And the shower is clean.



AHAVA Dead Sea Salts – Pas Deux

I am loving my Ahava Dead Sea products.  Especially the body cream sorbet-perfectly light and very moisturizing, and a great light fragrance.

I tried the Butter Salt Scrub the other day-wondering if it would be like the macadamia nut and salt scrubs I have tried in the past that leave you soft but you have to scrub out a huge oil slick from your shower post exfoliation.

The butter salts are more butter than salt, and the formulation of the butter part is creamy but dissolves easily when you rinse off the product.  Plus the emphasis is on butter-the salt granules are not prevalent, but they do the trick!  Post shower, my skin was both soft and smooth for hours without extra lotion.

The other day, after a run that consisted of a few laps around the block, my and the blue-eyed man decided to try out the facial and body products – post shower of course.

The liquid dead sea salts have a gel-like consistency and go on just like that – sort of like sliding jello on yourself.  They don’t sting, but I wouldn’t put it on sensitive areas if you know what I mean.

The facial mask is more “mud” like.  Almost like a clay-mask.  The product claims to remove toxic stuff, smooth, and even provide UV protection. I’m not sure how it does that since you rinse it off.

Post slathering-we both agreed that our skin felt softer and curiously moisturized.

I can’t say I felt like it took out any of the toxins from the wine and champagne I had the night before but I slept like a baby.


Hardly Dead-Products from the Dead Sea

Prior to the bf’s last travels, the Dead Sea was something that I heard about in my college oceanography class and in movies now and then.  For my omiage(Japanese tradition of souvenir gift giving) he brought me back a treasure trove of products from Ahava.

I love all my choices!

I’ve been comparing the performance of different body moisturizers between how they feel on the windward side of the island vs town-side, or Honolulu proper.  I had been using Cera Ve’ and Aveeda’s Baby Cream in town and they are perfect-but if I put them on in town and drive over the hill, I get sticky.

This morning I tried out Ahava’s Dead Sea Moisturizing Sorbet-a very pleasant smelling, frothy cream-gel that slides on the skin.  It is 9 hours later, and after a trip to town and back and a nap it feel perfectly moisturized with no stickiness.

I put the sorbet product on one leg and the mud product on the other.  The mud product is in cream form-so a little thicker-and it had the mineral mud  ingredients for sensitive skin.  This leg feels equally moisturized!

I’ll keep you posted-it’s scheduled to use the mud facial and body facial – put on and leave on for 2 minutes and rinse!

Hmmm-sounds fun!