Music to My Face-Armani Maestro Firming Foundation

Well, I’m not sure that the firming action is working because I only use a small drop of foundation, and the claim is probably true for people who look like they are wearing makeup.

Me, on the other hand, I use this pigment dense foundation when I want to look more presentable then when I am just using Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.

The foundation comes in a medicine dropper and is very light and doesn’t feel oily or heavy at all.

It almost floats on my face. It dries somewhere between matte and dewey-but definitely not shiny. I like to pat it on with my fingertips, then take a foundation brush to blend the edges in.

It wears all day and pretty much into the night. If I want to look a little dressier, then I apply a few more drops around my nose and lips where, if I had applied in the morning has had some wear and tear during the day and needs re-application.

I does have SPF15-but you know, from my point of view that isn’t enough, so it does wear well over my current Clarins SPF40 sunscreen.

It’s a little pricey-but I think it’s worth it because I don’t like the fragrance used in drugstore brands, and the formulation is a lot finer.

Kind of like the difference between drinking Yellow Tail and Rombauer.

Nothing compares.