Ros’ Magical Creamy Coconut Lotion-Island Soap & Candleworks

This is the third time that my friend’s very wonderful Creamy Coconut Lotion has saved the day when I broke out in an allergic reaction.

The first was about 2 years ago, when I attended a Island Soap holiday event and the salesperson mentioned he used the lotion and it cleared up an itchy skin condition.

I had been suffering from hives over my torso, which had been gaining ground.

Seriously, I used the lotion once or twice and my skin immediately calmed down and soon the redness and rash was gone with no sign of ever being there.

I asked Ros what was so magical in the lotion?  The lotion is made of natural oils, but she said it was the comfrey in the lotion.

So, the other day I finally used the balance of my Hoala Spa gift card on my second Dual Exfoliation Facial. This facial uses various Aveda products to slough off dead facial skin.  Part of the facial includes creaming up the neck, shoulders and arms.

I left the spa feeling wonderful and  pleased with the results! My esthetician was fabulous ( I won’t mention her by name in case she does not want to be on the internet), and I would definitely go to her again.

However, when I got home an hour or so later, the skin on my neck had erupted into a red, bumpy, itchy rash. Had a little on my right arm as well.

I was concerned and called Hoala, and they were curious what had caused the reaction since none of the products had changed since my first facial. They invited me to come the next day so they could see the rash.

Meanwhile, I applied Island Soap’s Creamy Coconut Lotion to my neck.

About 20 minutes later, the area definitely calmed down-the itchiness subsided, and the swelling bumps and redness lessened.

By the next day, the rash was reduced by about 90%, and only patchy, slightly raised bumps remained.

The spa manager was helpful, but I got the feeling that she was searching for other causes of the rash.

That’s cool, but I know what I use on my face and body, so I was a little taken aback.

One of those things with me, are if you probably caused the problem, just own up and let’s get on with our lives.


In the end, the manager offered me a free facial. Which was one of those funny things-I have to ask myself, will I get an allergic reaction again?

I only do facials like once a year because I am focused on my skin’s condition, so I don’t know, I don’t really need them.

My bf said Yay! He didn’t have to go shopping again for V-day because I had a free gift from his original gift-

Does this mean it is technically a re-gift? Or a re-issue of the original gift?




AVEDA Salon-Birthday Bliss

Hola – oh oops Hoala!  Meaning the Aveda Spa at Ala Moana Center near Neimans.

I used to get my hair done here back in the days when I wore a business bob–you know short, slightly layered, shiny but not sexy.  I liked the little paraffin hand melt they would do when you were having your hair shampooed-I don’t know if my hands came out softer but I liked the treat.

So, the other day I went to Hoala Spa to kick off my birthday big evening activities which culminated at my favorite restaurant, Alan Wong’s. I really wish he would actually cook, but I guess I have to go when Obama is in town.


First step was to step into the nail salon-where a guy just finished up his manicure-by the look on his face you’d think he went to heaven or something.

The nail girls have the customer favorite colors in the front of the display and are marked with a star-interesting because I was just going to ask what the favorite colors were when I saw the display.

I have to say I was really surprised they did not offer Spartual or China Glaze polish-both are formaldehyde free.  I know OPI has started to produce formaldehyde free but not the whole line.

Somedays I’m not in the mood to chichat much – I just wanted to relax and my person, Christina obliged.  I did ask her where she went to beauty school and turns out she went to Remington’s Paul Brown program-and learned hair,makeup and nails.

The pedicure was very nice-not too much massage which is fine with me.  I had her put on a chocolate color with a bronze shimmer.  For topcoat, she applied a gold sparkle polish that really made my toes shine!

She was helping me on with my slippers- but I told her I had planned to do a back facial next. Oops. I wasn’t thinking that I would be lying on my stomach with my toes in the air so I opted for a elemental facial.

Seriously wonderful Selena.

On the table, I saw a curious little neck roll.  When I laid my head down with my neck on the roll, I went to blissville!  It had been heated and was just the right thickness to provide neck support but without feeling buldg-y.  (You wet a towel, wring it out, nuke it, roll it, cover it w saran wrap, and put it in a sock).

The Elemental Nature Facials match your skincare needs to the type of products they use-I think I got the Air Nature for dry, dehydrated, “mature” skin.  As part of my process, Selena used the Tourmaline Charged Radiance Mask which helps stimulate cell energy and gives a glow to the skin.  She finished off with the Green Science Firming Eye and Face Creams. Both of which promise a 37% reduction in fine lines.

No or very little spf-and since I am paranoid about being in the sun (it only takes minutes for the melanocytes to unite and activate into making brown spots!) I put on a little ReVive’ spf15 I carry around.

The experience was so relaxing I almost fell asleep.  I was awakened by the smell of mint–pretty cool.  I’ll have to remember that.

Anyway-my bf thought my skin looked radiant-and why not?!

It was my birthday!